Interview with Dublin Distance Fiesta 3200 winner, Steven Sum

1) What was the plan going into the race?
My plan the entire race was to just stay in the front pack, get my bearings and then hopefully kick with about 500-600m to go.

2) Did you talk to any of the competitors before the race and was there any idea how the race would unfold? Can you take us a bit through your own race?
I talked to a few people like Colin but it was not planned. The race just sort of unfolded as it did.

3) What is your current weekly mileage? Length of long run? What workouts have you done recently? Doing anything different this year compared to other seasons?
My weekly mileage is right around 55 at this point. My long run is usually anywhere from 10-12 miles. In terms of workouts, my coach usually has me do a volume oriented longer interval day on Tuesday (mile repeats, 1000m intervals, maybe a few 800 after starting with a 1.5 mile tempo for example). Then on Thursday, I usually run a shorter, faster workout like quarters or 600s at a faster pace to help sharpen me up for weekend races. One difference is that my mileage is higher this year and my distance runs are much longer (9 miles instead of 7).

4) Can you tell us a little bit about your coach (Dan Ambrico) and how he has helped you develop into the runner you are today?
My coach has been a huge influence on me. He has coached me since 9th grade and has kept me free from injury and not over-raced me so I could do my best when it truly counted. He also helped me to develop my confidence and belief that I can run with anyone.

5) What is your next big race for you?
Next up for me is the Stanford Invite in a couple of weeks.

6) Have you chosen the college you will be attending next year? If so, where and why?
Yep, Princeton. Basically, after I visited, it was sort of a no brainer. It just felt like the right fit - I liked the team and the campus and obviously the education is top notch.