LA City Preview: Division 3 Boys

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LA City Section Preview

Division 3 Boys

Emanuel Gonzalez is one of three seniors at Belmont among the top four-ranked boys runners in Division 3  as the LA City Section heads into championship season beginning with Wednesday's prelim heats at Pierce College in Woodland Hills. 

Gonzalez and Dawit Woldie are the only runners in this field to have posted sub-17 times for three miles this season. 

The rankings are based on season results in the MileSplit database.

Three Mile Run

Team Competition

LAC D3 Boys

Belmont will look to defend its section D3 title and appears well stocked to do just that with six of the top 10 ranked runners in this division. 

Belmont defeated LA Center for Enriched Studies (CES), 86-114 in last season's final.

Three Mile Run

1Belmont Senior High (LA) (CA)22
1) Emanuel Gonzalez16:25.581
2) Dawit Woldie16:52.952
3) Josue Aguilar17:28.304
4) Rodrigo Rosario17:48.527
5) Paolo Velasquez18:06.208
Average Time: 17:20.31 Total Time: 1:26:41.55 1-5 Split: 1:40.62
6) Jeremy Martinez18:19.749
7) Lester Solis18:34.5211
2Los Angeles Center for Enriched Studies (LA) (CA)52
1) Conner Robertson17:09.133
2) Zack Monterosso18:32.0010
3) Dominick Coze18:41.6512
4) Zack Monterroso18:47.7413
5) Clark Easley18:49.6314
Average Time: 18:24.03 Total Time: 1:32:00.15 1-5 Split: 1:40.50
6) Dean Mantelzak20:51.0026
7) Anastasios Marcopulos21:45.4331
3Valley Academy of Arts & Sciences (LA) (CA)71
1) Bryan Solana17:44.395
2) Ho Jaime17:44.866
3) Justin Hogarth19:47.5317
4) Anthony Sandoval19:58.5519
5) Juan Velasco20:35.2924
Average Time: 19:10.12 Total Time: 1:35:50.62 1-5 Split: 2:50.90
6) Christian Pilavian21:40.9929
4Lincoln (Abraham) Senior High (LA) (CA)100
1) Douglas Poon19:37.4915
2) Javier Bravo19:45.3016
3) Anthony Mellado20:05.4220
4) Benjamin Edinger20:09.2722
5) Pedro Perez21:13.0927
Average Time: 20:10.11 Total Time: 1:40:50.57 1-5 Split: 1:35.60
6) Emmanuel Aguilar21:43.5230
7) Juan Haro22:44.6133
5Roybal Learning Centers (LA) (CA)122
1) Jaasai Espinal19:49.7018
2) Cesar Chavez20:08.0021
3) Angel Martinez20:21.6423
4) Fernando Ramos20:45.5225
5) Martin Sanchez23:22.8035
Average Time: 20:53.53 Total Time: 1:44:27.66 1-5 Split: 3:33.10
6) Francisco Ramirez24:06.7036
7) Jesse Ortiz24:58.1037