LA City Preview: Division 2 Boys

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LA City Preview

Division 2 Boys

Daniel Morales, a senior at Bravo Medical Magnet, is the defending D2 section champion. He is the top-ranked runner in the division heading into Wednesday's preliminary heats at Pierce College in Woodland Hills. 

Morales ran away with last year's title running sub-16 on the three-mile course. Teammate Anthony Ho is the top-returning finisher from last year's final. Ho, a senior, was fourth at last year's final. Ho is ranks fourth heading into championship season. 

Morales' three-time best of 15:10.30 is more than 10 seconds ahead of No. 2 James Corrigan, a sophomore from Eagle Rock. Those are the only two runners in this division coming in with sub-16 postings for three miles.

Corrigan was 12th last year as a freshman.

Team Competition

Division 2 Boys

Behind Daniel Morales and Anthony Ho, Bravo Medical Magnet is projected to defend its LAC D2 boys team title when the section conducts its championship meet Nov. 18 at Pierce College in Woodland Hills. 

Bravo was a runaway winner last year with 23 points. Reseda was a distant second with 85 points.

Three Mile Run

1Bravo (Francisco) Medical Magnet High (LA) (CA)43
1) Daniel Morales15:10.301
2) Anthony Ho16:05.504
3) Steven Sahagun16:13.708
4) Maximiliano Calles16:38.9013
5) David Roman16:45.7017
Average Time: 16:10.82 Total Time: 1:20:54.10 1-5 Split: 1:35.40
6) Fernando Gomez16:51.0021
7) Bryan Son16:55.2022
2Santee EC (LA) (CA)60
1) Irvin Flores16:06.705
2) Eric Gutierrez16:08.506
3) Uriel Cortes16:33.0011
4) Salvador Martinez16:46.4018
5) David Michel16:50.9020
Average Time: 16:29.10 Total Time: 1:22:25.50 1-5 Split: 44.20
6) Pablo Miranda17:54.8047
7) Johan Rodriguez17:57.1548
3Eagle Rock Junior-Senior High (LA) (CA)119
1) James Corrigan15:20.642
2) R-jet Torrefiel16:41.2014
3) Zachariah Ramos17:17.2033
4) Edgar Pineda17:20.8034
5) Ronald Pineda17:30.0036
Average Time: 16:49.97 Total Time: 1:24:09.84 1-5 Split: 2:09.36
6) Jasper Sundeen17:43.6043
7) Jack Spiewak17:47.4044
4Contreras (Miguel) Learning Complex (LA) (CA)132
1) Gabriel Herrera16:44.6216
2) Henry Gomez17:00.5227
3) Ismael Pascual17:04.0928
4) Jose Guzman17:05.0829
5) Daniel Aragon17:13.3432
Average Time: 17:01.53 Total Time: 1:25:07.65 1-5 Split: 28.72
6) Matthew Pena17:29.6735
7) Samuel Cruz17:42.7342
5Venice Senior High School (LA) (CA)141
1) Levi Premer16:00.133
2) Israel Lopez16:18.179
3) Emmanuel Cadena Ag16:57.7824
4) Juan Hernandez18:05.3950
5) Henry Friedman18:13.9055
Average Time: 17:07.07 Total Time: 1:25:35.37 1-5 Split: 2:13.77
6) Ulysses Peralta18:20.5058
7) Kaleb Macias18:20.9059