Meet Lick Wilmerding XC Standout Alex Mader

Lick Wilmerding (NC) senior Alex Mader is the No. 2 returning cross country runner in Division V from both the 2018 and 2019 CIF-State Championships.

Mader, who was sixth overall as a sophomore at the 2019 final, recently broke his league course record and committed to run in college at Yale University - the same college choice for the top returner in D-V, Kenan Pala of Francis Parker (SD).

Alex's 14.41.70 on the challenging 2.95-mile BCL course at Golden Gate Park, broke a mark that had stood since 2012. Lick Wilmerding, one of the stronger teams in the state's small-school division, also went 78:29 as a team.

We caught up with Alex this week to talk about his record run, his college commitment, the challenges in Division V this fall, his impressive 3200m effort at Arcadia last spring, and much more. Enjoy!

Run of Show


1:00 - Finding time to sleep among school, college, and running commitments.

1:40 - He wanted to get that league course record for awhile.

5:00 - It was the first meet of the 2021 fall season for him.

5:44 - On his commitment to run a Yale.

7:35 - U.S.-wide and an international melting pot of Yale's XC rosters.

9:40 - Competition in Division V this cross country season.

14:15 - Thoughts on why it's been a super-fast fall so far.

16:25 - How he stayed motivated during the COVID-19 shutdown.

17:55 - How he got started running XC.

19:15 - On the team at Lick.

20:30 - His parents' athletic background.

21:00 - What's the experience like at Lick?

21:50 - On running 8:57.34 for 3200 meters and that Arcadia magic.

26:35 - When running in college became a possibility.

29:00 - Who are the next Alex Mader's at Lick Wilmerding?

29:50 - How competitive can this team be at State?

31:00 - Lick's girls have won the last two CIF-State D-V titles. How much does that inspire the boys team?

32:35 - What he does when not focused on school and running.

33:12 - How many miles per week?

33:50 - Another talent.

34:30 - Alex elaborates on his love of the outdoors.

37:30 - What's next on the schedule?

38:15 - Sign off.

Thank you very much to Alex Mader for taking the time to visit with us and also to his parents for their help in making this happen.