Pacific Coast Shockwaves Coach Mike Bryson

Interview with Pacific Coast Shockwaves head coach and founder Mike Bryson in review of the West Coast AAU Junior Olympics held the previous weekend in Las Vegas where temperatures hovered around 110 degrees during the day. Coach Mike discusses the history of his club, challenges during the novel coronavirus pandemic, preparation or lack there of in advance of the meet, performances that produced more than a dozen age group champions and 15 runner-up medals, and a look-ahead to the scheduled AAU Nationals in Florida.


  • Introduction [0:00]
  • Background on the Pacific Coast Shockwaves AAU track club [28:00]
  • "Beauty of the sport translates to everything you're going to do in life." [3:03]
  • How many athletes have come through the club in the last six years? [3:48]
  • What's been the hardest part for the club during the pandemic? [5:52]
  • How much training were athletes able to do before the meet in Las Vegas? [8:24]
  • Were you surprised the meet remained on the schedule? [10:12]
  • A lot of the results, with 13 event champions, "were expected." [13:25]
  • Victor Solario ran a 1500m solo time trial in March in 4:55. [15:10]
  • Next up the JO Nationals in Florida: "That's a tricky one." [17:15]
  • Mike, thank you for joining us. [19:54]

Photos by Olivia Expone and Cory Mull