Bell Gardens 36th Annual XC Invitational 2023

Long Beach-Lakewood, CA
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Bell Gardens High School is proud of hosting the 36th Annual Bell Gardens Cross Country Invitational this year on Saturday, October 14, 2023 at the EL DORADO EAST REGIONAL PARK in the city of Long Beach, Ca. The Bell Gardens High School Invitational will consist of eight races run by grade levels. There will be a thirty (30) minute starting interval between each of the races.  Please note the schedule of races and their times.  


Sr. Boys               9:00 A.M.

Sr. Girls                9:30 A.M.

Jr. Boys                10:00 A.M.

Jr. Girls               10:30 A.M.

 Soph. Boys         11:00 A.M.

 Soph. Girls          11:30 A.M.

 Frosh. Boys         12:00 P.M.

Frosh. Girls          12:30 P.M.

In the past we have averaged 50 schools for the invitational. We will award One hundred (100) medals per race in each of the 8 divisions. Register your team and athletes on So-Cal Timing will provide Chip Automatic Timing so the results will be posted after each race and on, and after the meet. The entry fee is $400.00 for all eight divisions. For schools entering only a boys team or a girls team, the fee will be $260.00. And $150 for only one single division. Individual runners fee will be $20.00 each. A maximum of 20 entries per division is allowed.

THE COURSE: The course will span three miles and run on the flat roads, pavement, and grass along the EL DORADO EAST Regional Park and Lake. Many small red and orange flags will be placed along the course to keep athletes headed in the right direction. Two checker blue and white feather flags will mark the start of the race, a yellow and black checker flag will be used as The first mile marker, a red and black checker flag will be used as the two-mile marker, followed by two black and white checker flags denoting the finish line.

AWARDS: We will award one hundred (100) Individual Medals per race in each divisions. In addition, we will award the winner each race & fastest overall boy and girl plus the 1st & 2nd place teams in each division.

RESUTS: The results will be posted for viewing within thirty minutes of the conclusion of each race. (Please do not remove them) Results will also be posted on,, and

PARKING: There is an $8 charge for vehicles entering the park, School buses are charge $30 to park on the premises and Charter buses are charge $35. There is no drop off area so every vehicle will have to pay to enter the park. Buses will use the Wardlow Road entrance everyone else the Spring St. entrance. 

T-SHIRTS: The 36th Annual Bell Gardens Cross Country event t-shirts will be on sale for a minimal price. Get yours early before they run out.

COURSE INFORMATION: Although we will be monitoring the course, Please Remind runners to keep and eye out for pedestrians, walking or jogging in the park, cyclist or cars on the street crossings and everyone should please stay off the Frontier Train Ride Area.

RULES: Each school is asked to monitor their own athletes, staff and visitors. All present are to compose themselves in a proper manner displaying good sportsmanship and respecting themselves, others and their surroundings. Any illegal activity will not be tolerated and will result in expulsion from the premises and be reported to the police and your schools administration

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