Meet Information


SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15, 2014 Final date for league competition
Entries due via (11:59 PM) NO EXCEPTIONS
NCS/Les Schwab Tires Meet of Champions (State Qualifying) Meet: Div. I, II, III, IV and V
SITE: Hayward High School, 1633 East Ave., Hayward
DIRECTORS: Doyle ORegan, Piedmont High School Peter Brewer, Northgate High School
800 Magnolia Ave. 257 Los Banos Avenue
Piedmont, CA 94611 Walnut Creek, CA 94598
5105529793 5105375910

The NCS/Les Schwab Tires Cross Country Championships will be conducted in five (5) divisions.Schools must compete in the
division determined by their schools 2013 Total Enrollment for grades 9, 10, 11 and 12; unless a school incurs a gain/loss of
enrollment of a minimum of fifteen (15) percent in the current year (October 2013 Total Enrollment), then the October 2014
Total Enrollment figures shall be used (per CIF Bylaws).
NO Petitioning Up Schools must participate in the division that has been established by their respective CIF Section using the
previous years Total Enrollment figures.Although the State CIF now allows petitioning, NCS memberschool have chosen to not
allow petitioning.
The NCS/Les Schwab Tires Cross Country Championships will utilize chip timing in 2014.
1. The runners will each have corresponding timing chips, one attached to each shoe. Directions on this procedure will be
given at packet pickup, and can also be viewed on page 7 in this bulletin. The corresponding bib numbers will also be in
the packet and will be required to be worn on chest with 4 pins. ALL ATHLETES MUST WEAR THE CORRESPONDING
SAME NUMBERED CHIPS AND BIB NUMBER. If you have any extra chips that your team did not turn in either before
the race starts or at the end of their race (i.e. runner not participating or runner not finishing race, etc.), you must
return those chips at the finish line because your school will be billed $25 per nonreturned chip ($50 per runner).
2. The finish corral will be composed of matlike sensors. The runners are to run across all mats and continue running
approximately 10 feet beyond the last mat.
3. They are to then disperse and remove the timing chipsfrom theirshoes and return them before leaving the corral. We2
will make every attempt to not allow athletes to leave the corral until their chips have been turned in.
4. There will be no collection of bib numbers.
5. Each school will be billed $25 for each lost or nonreturned chip ($50 per runner). The NCS will collect this fee from
each school not returning a chip(s).
Coaches MUST go over the procedures with their runners.
REMEMBER: a maximum of 8 runners can be entered. You are limited to 7 runners on race day. See entry directions below.
EACH SCHOOL MUST ENTER THEIR OFFICIAL ENTRIES. Each coach must individually enter his/her official entries, team or
individuals, using the website.The deadline for the acceptance of entries is Sunday, November 16, 2014,
(11:59 PM).There will be no exceptions.

Each team needs an entry password. Go to Under the 2014 NCS/Les Schwab Tires Cross Country
Championships Presented by Farmers click on Password Request.Select yourschool from the team list. If your team is not
listed, please email Enter all team information and submit.
An email addressis mandatory.Submit only one requestfor both boys and girlssince all coachesfrom each school willshare the
same password.Please request your password early. If you request a password near the entry deadline, entries may close
before NCS can send you a password. NCS staff will review your password request and email your password within 48 hours.If
you dont receive a password within 48 hours, first check to see if your email accountsspam filter blocked the password email
to you.If you still have not received your password, please email
ENTRIESWhen you have your password, go to may also go to the NCS website,,
choose the sport of cross country and click on the EZMeets link. Once at, scroll down to North Coast
Section/Les Schwab Tires Cross Country Championships Presented by Farmers and click Entries.
Follow the instructions on the NCS Entries page to enter your school entries.
You may enter, change or scratch athletes at any time until the entry deadline of 11:59 PM on Sunday, November 16, 2014.
Although only a maximum of seven (7) athletes may compete, you may enter up to eight (8) names. For example, if youre not
sure which seven of eight athletes will compete, enter all eight. Be sure your entriesinclude all athletesthat will compete. There
will be no additions or substitutions on race day. When your team arrives at the NCS/Les Schwab Tires Cross Country
Championships, you will be limited to seven (7) runners per team.
ENTRY RECEIPTEach time you visit and change your schools entries, print a copy of the team entry web
page.Thisis your official receipt. Do this at the end of each online session.Only the most recent printoutshowing your latest
changes is your official receipt. Others are invalid.Emails of your entries are not official receipts.Contact the NCS office with
any questions or concerns.
Team Qualifications: All NCS member schools are eligible to participate in the NCS/Les Schwab Tires Cross Country
Championships.Complete teams consist of a minimum of five and maximum of seven eligible competitors.
Individual Qualifications: All NCS member schools may enter individual finishers (fewer than five team members) in each
See 2014 divisions on the NCS website.
The National Federation rules will be enforced at all NCS/Les Schwab Tires Cross Country Championship events.Uniforms must
comply with the rules.
All coaches of CIF member school teams must meet the requirements of the California Education Code 49032, 35179.1 and3
Bylaw 22.B.9. (Federated Council 2/09)
Participating schools will list team party members on a gate list (see page 6). Team Partyincludes up to two certified coaches,
certified trainer and team drivers.Participantslisted on the gate list will be admitted as a group without a ticket.The certified
coach must be present at the gate to identify these participants.
DIVISION II BOYS 8:30 A.M. 10:00 A.M.
DIVISION III BOYS 9:00 A.M. 10:40 A.M.
DIVISION II GIRLS 9:30 A.M. 10:20 A.M.
DIVISION III GIRLS 10:05 A.M. 11:00 A.M.
DIVISION IV BOYS 10:40 A.M. 11:20 A.M.
DIVISION V GIRLS 11:10 A.M. 11:50 A.M.
DIVISION I BOYS 11:45 A.M. 12:25 P.M.
DIVISION IV GIRLS 12:15 P.M. 12:55 P.M.
DIVISION V BOYS 12:50 P.M. 1:30 P.M.
DIVISION I GIRLS 1:20 P.M. 1:55 P.M.
General Admission (adults) $6.00; Special $4.00 (seniors, students, & children with adults).
Schools may purchase NCS cross country apparel at the championship site, at the NCS office or online at
Coaches may use check, cash, credit card,school purchase order,requisition form and school billing to purchase souvenirs.See
the souvenir order form in the back of this packet for more information.
The following awards will be presented according to the awards schedule below:
a) Plaques to each boys and girls championship teams.
b) Pennants to the first and second place boys and girls teams in all divisions.
c) Certificates for all participants.
d) The top three teams in each division will receive medals.Seven (7) medals will be provided per team of seven.
e) The top seven (7) individuals in each race will receive medals.
Approved medical personnel will be available to athletes for the duration of the 2014 NCS/Les Schwab Tires Cross Country
Championships.EMS personnel present at NCS/Les Schwab Tires Championship Series Events are present for paramedic
services. These services will be performed by approved medical personnel.EMS personnel will perform only those servicesthat
are within the scope ofthe license or certification.During NCS/Les Schwab Tires Championship Series Events EMS personnel will
respond to emergenciesimmediately.All other nonemergency services may be provided; however,they may be interrupted or
may become unavailable if an emergency arises. EMS personnel do not replace the responsibility of the coach of each
represented school asthe responsible party oftheir athletes medical care. Coaches are expected to have a medical kit as well as
all emergency medical forms necessary to respond to the health and welfare of their athletes.
In respect and safety for competing athletes and the best possible spectator observation possibilities, meet management ask
that no other nonrelated cross country activities be conducted during the championships. Such activities include, but are not
limited to, football, frisbees, basketballs, baseball, other games, etc. Your cooperation in advance is greatly appreciated.
Hayward High School is located in Hayward, CA just south of Oakland.Take Hwy. 880 north or south to the Jackson St. exit.
Proceed east. Just past the large intersection of Mission Blvd. and Jackson turn right on Main St.Atthe dead end turn left onto E
St.Follow E St. to East Ave. and Hayward High School.4
The Hayward High School cross country course is not available forreview until after 3:30 p.m. during the school week.Please do
not enter the campus prior to 3:30 p.m. during the week. Cross country teams should not be on campus without proper
supervision. Hayward High School administration has been asked to contact the NCS Office concerning any violation of this
request. While on campus there is the possibility that no restrooms will be available. On November 8, 2014 the WACC will
conduct the WACC Cross Country Championships on the Hayward H.S. course. The course will be closed to any individuals and
teams not members of the WACC on that day.
The North Coast Section will bill each league/conference commissioner for the total entry feesfor each entrant to the Meet of
Champions at the rate of $70.00 per team of five or more competitors(maximum ofseven) or $10.00 perindividual competitor.
The CIF State Cross Country Championships willtake place Saturday,November 29, 2014 at Woodward Park in Fresno. The State
CIF Cross Country Championship handbook is available online at The following criteria shall be used to
determine the number of teams and individuals who will qualify to the CIF State Cross Country Championships:
Automatic Teams
Team entriesinto the State CIF Cross Country Championshipsshall be based on a formula thatis comprised oftwo factors: 1) An
established baseline providing a minimum number of entriesfor each section; 2) Additional entries based upon the mostrecent
four (4) year history of the section team performance in each divisional race.No section shall have more than seven (7) team
entriesin any divisional race.Based on the above criteria North Coast Section will have the following entriesto the 2014 State
CIF Cross Country Championships:
Boys Girls
Division I 2 entries 2 entries
Division II 3 entries 2 entries
Division III 5 entries 4 entries
Division IV 4 entries 4 entries
Division V 5 entries 7 entries
The top five highest placed individuals (not on an automatic team entry), per the criteria below in each division will qualify
from section to state meet finals.
Divisions Qualifying Two TeamsIndividuals must place in the top 12 at section finals to qualify.
Divisions Qualifying Three Teams Individuals must place in the top 14 at section finals to qualify.
Divisions Qualifying Four Teams Individuals must place in the top 16 at section finals to qualify.
Divisions Qualifying Five Teams Individuals must place in the top 18 at section finals to qualify.
Divisions Qualifying Six Teams Individuals must place in the top 20 at section finals to qualify.