30 Girls XC Teams to Watch this Fall: Lowell (SF)

It's time to get fired up for cross country! Our traditional XC countdown is back, although it may look a little different this time around - our longtime data analyst Jeff George has moved on, leaving this energizing project to the MileSplit team in CA. Our collective goal is to briefly highlight 30 boys and 30 girls teams that we think will have an impact this fall. We will spotlight one team per gender per day over a 30-day period. Similar to past countdowns, we will provide a cross-sampling of teams from all 10 sections without regard to statewide or even division ranking (those will come later, as will articles previewing each section, and returning athletes to watch). As always, if you catch an error or have updated information for us, email CA state editor Jeffrey Parenti (jeffrey.parenti@flosports.tv) and we'll make the corrections.

Lowell (SF/Division IV)

Sunrise, sunset, and Lowell winning the San Francisco Section All-City title. On the girls side, that has happened 39 times since 1980-81 and the last 10 in a row. So, yes, a total eclipse is possible once every 40 or so years, even in the City Section. 

The '22 version will be led by the section's top distance runner in '21, senior Jacqueline Holman. She is the section's defending champion who went on to place 14th in the Division IV race at the State Meet. She is a top-10 returner from that race. 

Holman's consistent running mate up front, Jenna Satovsky, has graduated off to UC San Diego, leaving a back end with a lot of questions. 

With Holman and Satovsky scoring 23 points, Lowell placed 14th out of 25 teams in the D-IV race at State. Rising junior Lois McTrang ran No. 3 at State, and rising senior Reese Jardiniano ran No. 5. 

Who fills in the other scoring spot and pushes the back end to a tighter 1-5 gap than the 3:00 they had at State will be the development challenge for legendary coach Andy Leong as the fall unfolds.

Seniors Ali Sorenson and Mikaela Losekoot, both took the line at State, and figure to be the leaders in that challenge. 

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2021 Returning Times for 5000 Meters
Lowell (SF) 
1) Jacqueline Holman18:40.9072
2) Lois McTrang20:26.00395
3) Reese Jardiniano21:41.40700
4) Ali Sorenson21:44.70714
5) Mikaela Losekoot22:37.00912
Average Time: 21:02.00 Total Time: 1:45:10.00 1-5 Split: 3:56.10
6) Connie Wu22:59.00967
Scoring is against all returning girls in CA.

* * *

Photos by DeAnna Turner and Patrick Corsinita