Section-By-Section Look At Statewide Calendars For XC, T&F

Updated 8/14 with San Diego calendar announcement.

Updated 7/25 to reflect changes to the Northern Section plan.


KEY DATES - The chart below tracks revised competition schedules for State championships as well as each of the CIF's 10 sections with a focus on cross country and track and field.

Dates are based on revised 2020-21 athletic calendar posts from each section. The revised athletic calendars for the Northern, San Diego and San Francisco sections are TBD.

STATE - Cross Country------------March 27
Track and Field----------June 25June 26
CENTRAL- Cross CountryDec. 14Dec. 28Feb. 2March 11
Track and FieldMarch 15March 27April 30June 4
CENTRAL COAST - Cross CountryDec. 14Dec. 28March 3March 13March 20
Track and FieldMarch 15March 29May 13June 5June 19
LOS ANGELES - Cross CountryDec. 14Dec. 26Jan. 29March 5March 13March 20
Track and FieldMarch 8March 20April 27June 4
June 10June 17
NORTH COAST - Cross CountryDec. 14Jan. 27March 13March 20
Track and FieldMarch 15April 25June 5June 12June 18-19
NORTHERN - Cross CountryTBD

Track and FieldFeb. 22March 30May 6May 14-15 (Divisionals)May 21-22
OAKLAND - Cross Country
Dec. 26Jan. 29March 5March 12-13March 20
Track and FieldMarch 20April 24May 29
June 5
SAC JOAQUIN - Cross CountryDec. 14Dec. 28Jan. 31March 614March 13March 20
Track and FieldMarch 15Mach 29May 1June 514June 8-11 (Divisionals)June 18-19 (Masters)
SAN DIEGO - Cross CountryDec. 12Dec. 26
March 1214March 20
Track and FieldMarch 13March 20June 414June 12June 19
Track and FieldTBA
SOUTHERN - Cross CountryN/ADec. 26Jan. 29March 5March 12-13Finals March 30
Track and FieldN/AMarch 20April 24March 29June 5June 2 (Divisionals) / June 19 (Masters)

This chart will be updated as additional information becomes available.