Boys Countdown to XC Day 11: King

This team was a bit of a puzzle for me, and hard to place. They finished 10th in the Southern Section Division 1 final last year with only one senior (to go with three sophomores) in their top 7, which already made them a prime sleeper candidate for 2019. However, the Wolves posted big times on fast courses in both the 5K and the 3 Mile, so I have to take their high returning rankings with a grain of salt. In their favor, though, is a strong set of team results on the track. Returning #4 Edgar Ortega led the team in the 1600 with a 4:21, returning #7 Brian Green posted a 4:32; all told King had  6 guys at 4:40 or better, with a 2-7 split of just 15 seconds. In the 3200, Ortega also led the way, pulling 4 returners under 10 minutes (including returning #6 Gray Mavhera). That kind of development from the back end of their projected top 7 is a very good sign that the Wolves will have a tight and competitive pack this fall. With Mitchell Machuca and Austin Fortenberry leading a strong group of seniors, this team has an excellent chance to advance to the state meet, where they should be in the top 10.

King (Martin Luther Jr.) (SS) (CA)
1) Mitchell Machuca15:12.5083
2) Malachi Cabanilla15:23.50123
3) Austin Fortenberry15:24.00127
4) Edgar Ortega15:26.00137
5) Francisco Zavaleta15:35.20202
Average Time: 15:24.24 Total Time: 1:17:01.20 1-5 Split: 22.70
6) Gray Mavhera15:39.10229
7) Brian Green15:45.30277


  • 3 Mile Returning Ranking: 10th
  • 3 Mile Improvement Rating: 44th
  • 5K Returning Ranking: 12th
  • 5K Improvement Rating (3 year): 81st
  • Team 1600 Ranking: 13th
  • Team 3200 Ranking: 15th