Girls #CountdownToXC Day 10: Capistrano Valley

Does anybody have a better returning 1-2 punch than Capistrano Valley? With Haley Herberg and Alyssa Bautista both breaking 17 minutes for 3 Miles in 2016, the Cougars can get 2 low sticks in almost any meet they run. Herberg seemed to struggle a bit toward the end of the season, but she rebounded hard during track with a 4:49/10:38 combo. Behind those potent front-runners is a tightly-bunched 3 through 7, and they also got better in the spring: returning #7 Alexis Stevens broke 11:30 and Carly Corsinita (outside the top 7 returners from the fall) hit 11:21 for 3200, giving Capo Valley another competitor for the top 5. This is a deep and talented group of Cougars, and their recent history says they will be even better coming out of the summer than they were going into it. If that's the case, expect this team to be a podium team in Division 2 with a real chance to contend for the title. Although this could be one of the very best squads in the Southern Section, they will have stiff competition both within their division and without.

2017 Returning Stats:

  • 5K Ranking: 16th
  • 5-Year 5K Improvement Rating: 10th
  • 3 Mile Ranking: 4th
  • 3-Year 3M Improvement Rating: 31st
  • 5-Year 3M Improvement Rating: 4th
  • Team 1600 Ranking: 4th
  • Team 3200 Ranking: 7th