Get to Know: Cooper Teare

Indoor National Champion, NXN All-American, and 3x State Champion - these are just a few of the accolades Cooper Teare has garnered. But who is his favorite artist, you ask? We found out.

Indoor National Champion, NXN All-American, and 3x State Champion - these are just a few of the accolades Cooper Teare has garnered. Known for being one of the best distance runners in CA as well as the nation these past two seasons, I decided to catch up with him and ask him some questions that might help you get to know him a little better.

1. Who is your favorite pro runner and why? - Favorite pro runner is probably Kyle Merber because he is not really one of the most known and top guys but he is really talented and his tweets are funny.

2. How would you describe yourself? - I would describe myself as a dedicated, talented individual. I've been referred to as a string bean before and I think that sums me up pretty well.

3. Why did you choose running? - I chose to run because I played every other sport and I was always average but could never really excel at them and running always seemed to come naturally to me so I pursued it.

4. Who is your favorite person to compete against? - Locally I would say my favorite people to compete against are Luis Grijalva and Michael Vernau because I've been racing them since freshman year and they have always brought me to fast times and are great competition.

5. Favorite Movie/TV Show? - Favorite movie is definitely Super Bad because it is hilarious and never gets old and favorite TV show is The Office

6. Favorite Song/Artist? - My favorite song currently is Mask Off by Future and favorite artist is Lil Yachty

7. Favorite Emoji - Favorite emoji is the eggplant because it has so many uses.

8. Favorite Social Media Platform? - Probably instagram because it makes me feel popular and there are baddies on there.

9. How often do you think about getting out leaned for the last spot at Foot Locker West? - Honestly not that often, I like to think more about the times I have been on the other side and gotten the win from the lean such as at state in track.

10. Have you ever slid into anyone's DM's? - I will admit I have slid into some DM's but I will keep whose a secret.

11. Have you ever lied about your times? - I remember at Junior Olympics when I was in 8th grade I lied to Phillip Rocha about my mile PR.

12. Have you ever searched someone on MileSplit to check their PR? - To be honest, my go to is if I'm stalking someone's times, sorry :/

13. What's your biggest turn off? - I'd say biggest turn off probably when I get a snapchat from Evert Silva

14. Something weird on your bucket list? - Something weird on my bucket list is to take Doug Soles to Prom this year.

15. If you smell body odor, do you check to see if it's you? - No

16. What has been the most fun day of your life? - Winning a national title at New Balance Nationals this past week, or hanging out with Ben Crawford and Evert Silva at Nike Cross Nationals.