Girls #CountdownToXC, Complete 1-30

Honorable Mention

Although they didn't make the countdown, these three teams will definitely factor into the upcoming season. We have a pair of Cougar teams that both have great history and also both lost a strong group of seniors, and then we have the incumbent top team in the Northern Section.


The Cougars lost a ton to graduation, and we don't have 5 returning runners in our database to rank them. The program's history over the last 3 years is excellent (3rd-best Improvement Rating of the teams we surveyed), which suggests that Campolindo will be back strong. So do the team's returning 3200 rankings:

1) Hana Sun10:59.83
2) Hannah Ruane11:13.26
3) Jenna Miles11:29.77
4) Robin Powell12:13.31
5) Emma Ishida12:13.49
Average Time: 11:37.93 Total Time: 58:09.66 1-5 Split: 1:13.66
6) Isabella Chao12:15.95
7) Savanah Hilton12:30.92

Capistrano Valley

Losing 4 seniors will set you back, but this team had made a habit of improving greatly from season to season over the last 3 years (2nd-best Improvement Rating of the 40+ teams we rated). These Cougars have the advantage of returning their top 2 runners, and they also showed excellent returning depth in the 1600 during outdoor track:

1) Haley Herberg4:57.75
2) Ashley Licata5:07.66
3) Kayla Tresser5:11.08
4) Alyssa Bautista5:13.24
5) Cami Monteroso5:36.76
Average Time: 5:13.30 Total Time: 26:06.49 1-5 Split: 39.01
6) Alexis Stevens5:39.84
7) Danielle Bigley5:42.61

Flintridge Prep

The defending Division 5 State Champs lost two of their top 5 to graduation, but they still have strong returning talent (including returning #1 Natalie O'Brien, who had a strong track season). Depth is a serious concern, but you can bet the rebels won't give up the state title without a serious fight.

1) Natalie O'brien18:55.00
2) Maia Cohen19:15.00
3) Gabriella Bennett19:43.00
4) Marisa Langley20:46.00
5) Willow Scott20:47.00
Average Time: 19:53.20 Total Time: 1:39:26.00 1-5 Split: 1:52.00
6) Isabella Williams22:31.00
7) Catalina Ruiz22:51.68


The Panthers were the best team in the Northern Section in 2014, and they have 5 runners back from that team. Furthermore, 4 of their returning top 5 will be seniors this year, and you can bet they want to continue to reign over their section.

1) Celeste Wilson19:16.00
2) Georgina Quinn20:06.00
3) Jessalyn Ayars20:35.70
4) Lauren Moxon21:24.00
5) Michaela Crescetelli21:27.70
Average Time: 20:33.88 Total Time: 1:42:49.40 1-5 Split: 2:11.70
6) Kaytlyn Nather22:16.00
7) Rachel Sites22:47.00