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NCAA Division 1


Hey everyone Kendall Ellis here with my blog. It’s not often that I get an off week and when I do I usually don’t know what to do with myself. But this...
Hey everyone! Kendall here with my weekly blog. Last weekend was the FloridaRelays at the University of Florida. Yet again STA showed out, especially on the girl’s...
Hey y'all! Kendii back for my weekly blog. Don't y'all just love track season? It's starting to reach that point when I'm really falling in love with...
Some people call me Kandii, some people call me Kendi. I didn’t give myself either of these nicknames, but hey take your pick. Either way Kandii/Kendi always...
Hey ya’ll! You know how it goes..Kendall Ellis here with my weekly blog. I promise I’ll start switching it up. Last week STA’s dual meet at Hallandale...


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