Girls #CountdownToXC Day 1: Buchanan

So it all comes down to one question: can Buchanan actually end the title streak and ascend to the throne? I don't know the answer to that - but I DO know that this appears to be the best chance for that to happen since I've been doing the countdown. The Bears return their entire top 5 from the squad that finished 3rd in Division 1 last November, and then they proceeded to have the best track season of any California team, bar none. This team put 6 girls under 5:20, the only team to accomplish that feat after three different schools did so in 2015 and 2016, and they return their top 11 milers from the spring. Corie Smith and Meagen Lowe both broke 5 and 11, and they led 5 girls that clocked 11:05 or better for the 3200. Returning #7 runner Sydney Fox may have made the leap into the top 5 during track season, as she ran 11:01 to make it to the state meet. This is perfect timing for Buchanan, as they are reaching their full strength as a crew right when the rest of the state appears to be just a little bit down from the incredible heights of the last few years. The Bears aren't quite as deep as Great Oak (who is?), but they match up extremely well 1-6 (and maybe 1-7 with Fox moving up). I think we have a legitimate multi-team battle on our hands this season, and Buchanan is talented enough to be considered at least the co-favorite for the Division 1 title coming into the season.

2017 Returning Stats:

  • 5K Ranking: 1st
  • 5-Year 5K Improvement Rating: 12th
  • 3 Mile Ranking: 3rd
  • 5-Year 3M Improvement Rating: 9th
  • Team 1600 Ranking: 1st
  • Team 3200 Ranking: 1st