Eddie Hart Invitational-Cancelled 2020

Pittsburg, CA

Meet Information

7th Annual Eddie Hart Invitational
Pittsburg High School
Eddie Hart Invitational
Saturday March 21, 2020
Pirate Stadium
9 Lane Track and Fully Automatic Timing System
Sponsored By: Pittsburg High School Track and Field
1750 Harbor St., Pittsburg, CA 94565
(925) 473-2390

Meet Director: Aaron Alatorre
Telephone Contact: 925-473-2390 ext. 7704

Field Events: 9:30am
Running Events: 10:00am
Entries Due to athletics.net March 18th by Midnight
Divisions: Varsity Boys, Varsity Girls, F/S Girls, F/S Boys
Cost: $250 all 4 divisions or $75 per Varsity team, $50 per F/S Team

$15.00 per relay; $10.00 per individual

Please Make Checks Payable to Pittsburg High School Track

The 7th Annual Eddie Hart Invitational is scheduled for March 21st, 2020. We here at Pittsburg High School would be excited to have your team compete. With a 9 lane track and fully automatic timing device we look forward to hosting an exciting meet. Come out and support the Eddie Hart Invitational. Former Olympian, Gold Medalist and fastest man Eddie Hart will be in attendance.

Entry Deadline is Wednesday March 18th, 11:59pm 2020 (Entries on line to athletic.net, FAT by Finishlynx System). 1 relay team per relay event and 3 entries per event. ENTRY FEES should be mailed and made payable to Pittsburg High School Track. Please use 2020 marks. If using hand times a .24 seconds will be added. The cost per division is $75 for Varsity level (VG/VB), and $50 for F/S level (F/S Girls, F/S Boys).

The Maximum cost per school for all four divisions will be $250.00

Awards: Medals: 1st-3rd Individuals 1st-3rd Relays

The Invitational is scheduled to begin at 9:30am (Field Events) and 10:00am (Running Events)

See you there.

Eddie Hart Invitational Notes:
2. All athletes must warm up in the designated warm-up area.
3. All athletes must report to the clerk of the course at the first
call. Failure to report will result in disqualification from the event.
4. All running are timed finals. Your team may enter a maximum of 3
Athletes per division per school in all races. Teams are allowed one Relay team per division per school.
5. All races will be timed by electronic timing device. Results will be posted per event during the day.
6. Additional athletes may not be added. Alternates will be seeded into Heats
7. There will be no warm-up allowed on the track or infield area. Only athletes
Competing at the time of their events will be will be allowed on the track during their
event!! Violation of this rule will result in disqualification.
8. Uniform rule in effect for all Relay races.


Eddie Hart Invitational Events

Running EventsBegin at 10:00am
100hh (F/S Girls, Var Girls)
110hh (F/S Boys, Var Boys)
1600m Run (F/S Girls, F/S Boys)
4x100 Relay (F/S Girls, F/S Boys, Var Girls, Var Boys)
1600m Run (Var Girls, Var Boys)
400m dash (F/S Girls, F/S Boys, Var Girls, Var Boys)
100m dash (F/S Girls, F/S Boys, Var Girls, Var Boys)
800m run (F/S Girls, F/S Boys)
4x200 Relay (F/S Girls, F/S Boys, Var Girls, Var Boys)
800m run (Var Girls, Var Boys)
300IH (F/S Girls, Var Girls, F/S Boys, Var Boys)
200m dash (F/S Girls, F/S Boys, Var Girls, Var Boys)
3200m run (Var Girls, Var Boys)
4x400 relay (F/S Girls, F/S Boys, Var Girls, Var Boys)

Field EventsBegin at 9:30am
Long Jump (F/S Boys, Var Boys) Pole Vault (F/S Boys, Var Boys)
Triple Jump (F/S Girls, Var Girls) Shot Put (F/S Boys, Var Boys)
High Jump (Var Girls, F/S Girls) Discus (F/S Girls, Var Girls)

Field EventsImmediately Following the completion of morning events
Long Jump (F/S Girls, Var Girls) Pole Vault (F/S Girls, Var Girls)
Triple Jump (F/S Boys, Var Boys) Shot Put (F/S Girls, Var Girls)
High Jump (Var Boys, F/S Boys) Discus (F/S Boys, Var Boys)