Meet Information

You are cordially invited to the return of the Stapleton Relays at Antioch High School stadium on Saturday, March 23, 2019.
Our facilities Includes A New Stadium; and a New- All-Weather Tartan Track, plenty of free parking, seating for hundreds of spectators, and a fully automated Finish Lynx Timing System that guarantees accurate and timely results.
Location: Antioch High Schools Panther Stadium
700 W 18TH Street Antioch, California 94509
Divisions: FS-girls, FS-boys, V-girls, and V-boys.
Start Times: 8:00am Field Events (see schedule) 9:00am Running events
Entries: All teams entries should be made on The site opens on February 1st and the deadline for all entries is Thursday, March 14th at 12:00 pm PST. Entry fees should be payable to Antioch High School
Individual Entrant $ 10.00 Relay Team (Per Relay) $ 20.00 Division (V/B, V/G, FSG/ FSB) $ 75.00 Maximum for all divisions $ 300.00
Awards: Metals will be awarded to the first, second, and third place male and female finishers in all divisions/all events. Trophies will be awarded to the First - Third place team overall winner of the meet in both the boys and girls divisions.
The Stapleton Relays will run rain or shine, sorry no refunds. Please join us for The return of The Stapleton Relays!!
Thank You In Advance
Meet Director and Head Coach Shamawn Wright Cell (925) 726-7671
It is my pleasure to welcome you to the return of Antioch High Schools Stapleton Relays.
All Events will be limited to the top 24 Verifiable entries in all events, allowing for 8 alternates. Only the top 24 entries will be allowed to run in non-lane events. Running events will be seeded from Fastest to slowest with metals going to the top 3 finishers in each event.
All events will be limited to the top 24 entrants and each field event competitor will be limited to a maximum of 3 jumps or throws. There will be NO trials. Field events will begin at 8am and running events will begin at 9am.
NO ADDITIONS OR Changes will be allowed on meet day!! will be open for entry starting February 1st March 14th 2019 12:00 pm PST. PLEASE be sure to make all changes by closing time and date; we dont want anyone to be left out!! Meet officials will attempt to stay as close as possible to the schedule but if things go faster than expected, the meet will not be delayed due to time. Alternates will be added as needed.
Scoring will be based on a 6-5-4-3-2-1 for individual events and 12-10-8-5-3-1 for relay events. Scratches will be allowed but must be done at the Coaches meeting, or at the Bullpen for running events. Field events scratches should be done at the venue for each event. Athletes must arrive at their events prior to the third and final call announcement for their event! Please do not substitute Athletes for your scratches, ALL changes must be done at the Clerk of the Course table and Athletes who miss their third and final call will not be reinstated.
There will be a Coaches meeting under the press box before the start of the running events, a representative from each school should be in attendance. Coaches or parents are not allowed on the track or infield, the only exception will be due to medical emergency with an athlete. Violation is subject to athlete or team disqualification. No electronic devices in the infield!!
Pole Vault competition will begin at 8am and the bar starting height will be 8 feet for Varsity girls and 10 feet for Varsity boys. The bar will be raised by 6 inch intervals until competition is decided. Run throughs will be allowed for Athletes entering at higher heights.
The Uniform Rule will be actively enforced at all times and in all events, please be sure that your Athletes comply. There is limited space for the Athletes to dress so please have them dress at your site.
The Snack Bar will be open during the meet and will serve some delicious hot and cold food.
Warming Up will not be allowed on the track or in the infield. Only meet officials and currently or upcoming participating Athletes will be allowed in the infield at any time. All warm ups must be done on the warm-up field.
The Bullpen will be located at the southeast corner of the track, near the entry gate and the Trainers First Aid Table will be in the infield near the north end of the track. It will have ice and basic first aid supplies if needed.
Starting blocks will be provided. Athlete may use their own implements (shot and discus) as long as they comply with weight and size requirements. There will be a weigh-in table located adjacent to the entry gate at the southerly end of the stadium as well as a spike check monitor stationed at the entry gate. Please be sure that your Athletes are wearing 3/8 inch spikes ONLY, longer spikes will not be allowed.
Lane assignments will be distributed at the Clerk of the Course table located near the entry gate. All runners must report to the bullpen area/Clerk of the Course for heat and lane assignments. Failure to report to the Clerk of the Couse on time may result in disqualification. Please remember, there will be NO ADDITIONS on race day.
Results will be posted as they become available. Please discourage your Athletes from asking finish line staff for their individual results. All (final) results will be posted to within 24 hours.
Featured Event: Frosh Soph Boys/Girls Devil Takes The Hind Most Mile!! Most Veteran coaches will recall this event. For all of you younger coaches In short this event is as follows. The first lap will allow all competitors to complete lap one. A rabbit dressed in a makeshift Devil costume with a plastic pitch fork will knight the last competitors on laps three two and the last lap. When a competitor is touch by the pitch fork they are disqualified and eliminated From the race; their by the name of the event Devil Takes The Hind Most Mile!! The athletes will have a great time, and its tons of fun.
Finally, All contested events will be limited to Maximum of (3) Flights or Heats. The Top 24 Athletes in all events with an alternate list composed of 8 possible replacements per event. We are looking forward to great early meet performances. Allowing and using times and performances for entries into meets such as Stanford, Arcadia, Mt Sac, or The SMOC. Excluding the possibility of an electrical storm or treacherous downpour delay, the meet will go forward regardless of weather conditions and there will be no refunds.
Thanks in advance for your participation and support of the first annual Antioch High School Invitational. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact me.
Shamawn Wright, Head Coach/Meet Director Cell (925) 726-7671
The top 24 Verifiable Times/Distances in all events (3) Heats Or Flights In all Listed Events There Is A Total Of (6) Varsity Boys And Girls Relay Events: There Will Be No Frosh/Soph Distance Medley Relay
Varsity/FS Boys: Varsity/FS Girls:
4 X 100_________ 4 X 100_________
4 X 200_________ 4 X 200_________
4 X 400_________ 4 X 400_________
4 X 800_________ 4 X 800_________
Sprint Med (2-2-4-8) Sprint Med (2-2-4-8)
Varsity Only Distance Med (12-4-8-16) Varsity Only Distance Med (12-4-8-16)
Individual events- Please Enter Max Top (3) Athletes per school may be entered
Varsity Boys: Varsity Girls:
100 M Dash_______ 100 M Dash_______
110 M Hurdles_____ 100 M Hurdles_____
300 M Hurdles____ 300 M Hurdles_____
200 M Dash______ 200 M Dash______
400 M Dash_______ 400 M Dash_______
1600 M Run_______ 1600 M Run_______
3200 M Run_______ 3200 M Run_______
Special Event F/S Boys And Girls The Devil Take The Hind Most Mile One Heat Each 1600 M
Field events: Varsity/FS Boys And Girls (3) Athletes per school Per Division.
High Jump______ High Jump______
Long Jump_____ Long Jump_____
Triple Jump______ Triple Jump_____
Shot Put_______ Shot Put________
Discus_________ Discus__________
Pole Vault______ Pole Vault_______
Please make check payable to Antioch High School Track.
$10 per individual Athlete...$20 per relay...$75 per division... $300 Maximum entry fee.