Boys Virtual Round 2: Jesuit vs. Mission Viejo

Peter Costelli (l) was among five separate event winners for Mission Viejo against Matt Strangio and a distance-deep Jesuit team from the Sac-Joaquin Section. (Credits: Frank Bellino/Dan Tyree)

This article highlights the results of second-round dual as part of the MileSplitCA March Madness Virtual Meet Tournament. Virtual meets are scored based solely on 2020 results using the standard dual meet scoring points format of 
5-3-1 for individuals and 5-0 for relays. Athletes are scored in no more than four events (although the program that processes the meet scores does not have access to individuals in a relay). Teams are limited to three athletes per event. Stay with us for the entire tournament to see which boys and girls teams reign supreme in this virtual meet format.

No. 2 Jesuit (SJ) vs. No. 18 Mission Viejo (SS)

With senior Jaycen Cash picking up three event wins -- two in field events -- and Mission Viejo claimed 26 of 27 points in the high, long and triple jump in upsetting second-seeded Jesuit in a second-round boys virtual meet. 

Of those three events, the Diablos took eight scoring spots by seven different guys. Cash was the only one to score more than once. 

Depth was on full display for Mission Viejo in a 114-22 first-round rout of South Hills (SS) and it was that depth again that proved the difference here. Mission Viejo had five separate event winners, with Cash's trifecta in the 110m hurdles, long jump and triple jump the Diablos' lone multiple winner.

Junior Peter Costelli was first in the 100m and second in the 200m, senior John Burns won the 300m hurdles and was second in the 400m, sophomore Simeon Gillian won the long jump, and junior Bryce Bushnell won the 200m.

Jesuit got individual event wins in the 400m (Martin Smith), 800m (Chase Gordon), 1600m (Matt Strangio) and 3200m (Jacob Swanson). In addition, senior Cooper Shults swept the throws.

100 Meter Dash

1Peter Costelli2021Mission Viejo High School (SS)10.96 5
2Khalil Layugan2021Jesuit (SJ)11.30 3
3Kenny Manaserro2022Mission Viejo High School (SS)11.34 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Bryce Bushnell2021Mission Viejo High School (SS)22.63 5
2Peter Costelli2021Mission Viejo High School (SS)22.98 3
3Aiden Baker2020Jesuit (SJ)23.27 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Martin Smith2020Jesuit (SJ)50.01 5
2John Burns2020Mission Viejo High School (SS)50.05 3
3Aiden Baker2020Jesuit (SJ)50.83 1
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800 Meter Run

1Chase Gordon2020Jesuit (SJ)1:54.80 5
2Luke Santagata2021Mission Viejo High School (SS)1:58.57 3
3Tyler Offerman2022Jesuit (SJ)2:04.44 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Matt Strangio2020Jesuit (SJ)4:12.23 5
2Ajani Salcido2021Jesuit (SJ)4:17.06 3
3Spencer Pickren2021Jesuit (SJ)4:17.25 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Jacob Swanson2023Jesuit (SJ)9:38.41 5
2Jack Lawson2020Mission Viejo High School (SS)9:39.57 3
3Braden King2022Jesuit (SJ)9:55.37 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Jaycen Cash2020Mission Viejo High School (SS)15.76 5
2Eitan Goore2021Jesuit (SJ)16.11 3
3David Meyer2020Mission Viejo High School (SS)16.13 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1John Burns2020Mission Viejo High School (SS)39.06 5
2Trenton Dewar2023Jesuit (SJ)43.38 3
3Gavin Mazza2020Mission Viejo High School (SS)44.51 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Mission Viejo High School (SS)42.29 5

4x400 Meter Relay

1Jesuit (SJ)3:30.49 5

Long Jump

1Simeon Gillian2022Mission Viejo High School (SS)20-3 5
2Jack Irving2021Mission Viejo High School (SS)20-0.5 3
3Reuben Lopez2022Mission Viejo High School (SS)19-8 1
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High Jump

1Jaycen Cash2020Mission Viejo High School (SS)5-10 5
2Christopher Cooper2023Mission Viejo High School (SS)5-6 3
3Ryan Anderson2022Jesuit (SJ)5-4 1
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Triple Jump

1Jaycen Cash2020Mission Viejo High School (SS)43-8 5
2Reuben Lopez2022Mission Viejo High School (SS)42-5 3
3Stone Dumas2020Mission Viejo High School (SS)38-6 1
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Pole Vault

1Eitan Goore2021Jesuit (SJ)14-0 5
2Ian Menz2021Jesuit (SJ)13-0 3
3Cole Schroeder2022Mission Viejo High School (SS)10-6 0.333
3Collin Young2023Jesuit (SJ)10-6 0.333
3Micah Krosby2023Mission Viejo High School (SS)10-6 0.333
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Shot Put

1Cooper Shults2020Jesuit (SJ)49-2.5 5
2Lance Kenely2020Mission Viejo High School (SS)48-1 3
3Micah Carreon2021Mission Viejo High School (SS)45-4 1
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1Cooper Shults2020Jesuit (SJ)151-7 5
2Micah Carreon2021Mission Viejo High School (SS)129-11 3
3Allan Flores2021Mission Viejo High School (SS)117-4 1
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Team Scores

1Mission Viejo High School (SS)74.66
2Jesuit (SJ)61.33