Boys Virtual Round 1: Central vs. Mira Costa

Central Section Masters 100m champ Xavier Worthy ran a highly-ranked 200m before the outdoor season was stopped, as did Mira Costa's Billy Atkinson in the distances. (Credits: DeAnna Turner/Pat Rhames)


This article highlights the results of first-round dual as part of the MileSplitCA March Madness Virtual Meet Tournament. Virtual meets are scored based solely on 2020 results using the standard dual meet scoring points format of 5-3-1 for individuals and 5-0 for relays. Athletes are scored in no more than four events. Teams are limited to three athletes per event. Stay with us for the entire tournament to see which boys and girls teams reign supreme in this virtual meet format.

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No. 13 CENTRAL (CS) vs. No. 20 MIRA COSTA (SS)

Senior Matheu Johnson had the top mark in both throws and Central won four categories in its first-round virtual dual meet victory over Mira Costa.

Johnson's 10 points led a 15-3 advantage in the throws. The Fresno school also won sprints, hurdles ad relays.

Sophomore Cameron Tarver had the fastest time in the 100m, leading a 1-2-3 sweep by Central and placed second in the 200m behind junior Xavier WorthyBrice Williams completed the sprints sweep with a win in the 400m.

Worthy's 22.05 (-1.1) from the Sanger Spring Classic on March 7 ranks CA No. 5 for all conditions.

Senior distance standout Billy Atkinson had the top times in the 800m and 1600m as Mira Costa won the distances. His 4:18.30 for 1600m from the Feb. 29 Mustang Roundup ranks CA No. 6 based on marks achieved before the 2020 outdoor season was suspended. His 1:56.95 for 800m from a Feb. 27 dual ranks CA No. 11. Both are PRs. 

100 Meter Dash

1Cameron Tarver2022Central High School (CS)11.15 5
2Jeremiah Walker2022Central High School (CS)11.28 3
3Imari Conley0Central High School (CS)11.39 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Xavier Worthy2021Central High School (CS)22.05 5
2Cameron Tarver2022Central High School (CS)22.35 3
3Calvin Bream2020Mira Costa High School (SS)22.46 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Brice Williams2020Central High School (CS)51.22 5
2Calvin Bream2020Mira Costa High School (SS)52.69 3
3Jeremiah Hunter2020Central High School (CS)53.18 1
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800 Meter Run

1Billy Atkinson2020Mira Costa High School (SS)1:56.95 5
2Guerrero Enrique2020Central High School (CS)1:59.40 3
3Colin Beale2021Mira Costa High School (SS)2:04.03 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Billy Atkinson2020Mira Costa High School (SS)4:18.30 5
2Abel Teffra2020Central High School (CS)4:22.45 3
3Colin Beale2021Mira Costa High School (SS)4:25.67 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Thomas Velvin2020Mira Costa High School (SS)9:54.34 5
2Mordecai Garza2021Central High School (CS)9:56.02 3
3Caleb Hong2020Mira Costa High School (SS)9:59.13 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Cyreese Riley2021Central High School (CS)16.57 5
2Brenton Gerhardt2021Mira Costa High School (SS)18.12 3
3Zolile Vilane - Sealanyan2020Mira Costa High School (SS)18.66 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Lawson Mcalister2021Central High School (CS)42.57 5
2Matthew Jaso2020Central High School (CS)43.26 3
3Alejandro Madrigal2020Central High School (CS)43.49 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Central High School (CS)42.28 5

4x400 Meter Relay

1Central High School (CS)3:25.80 5

High Jump

1Anazjae Simpson2020Central High School (CS)5-10 5
2Casey Meyer2020Mira Costa High School (SS)5-8 2
2Lawson Mcalister2021Central High School (CS)5-8 2
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Long Jump

1Devin Kelly2021Central High School (CS)20-9 5
2Kobe Miyake2020Mira Costa High School (SS)20-8 3
3Cameron Tarver2022Central High School (CS)20-5.5 1
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Triple Jump

1Brent Boone2020Mira Costa High School (SS)44-8 5
2Devin Kelly2021Central High School (CS)41-6 3
3Sulaiman Hussain2021Mira Costa High School (SS)41-3 1
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Pole Vault

1Aidan Knollenberg2021Mira Costa High School (SS)14-6 5
2Aidan Purcell2020Mira Costa High School (SS)14-0 3
3Rory Schelly2020Mira Costa High School (SS)13-1 1
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1Matheu Johnson2020Central High School (CS)150-1 5
2Lamont Lane2020Central High School (CS)137-6 3
3Mathew Acosta2020Central High School (CS)112-6 1
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Shot Put

1Matheu Johnson2020Central High School (CS)51-9 5
2Jacob Elson2020Mira Costa High School (SS)46-1.5 3
3Colin Garrett2022Central High School (CS)43-2.75 1
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Team Scores

1Central High School (CS)87
2Mira Costa High School (SS)49

Next: Central will be scored against No. 4 Great Oak (SS) in a second-round virtual dual for a spot in the boys elite eight.