Boys Virtual Round 1: Jesuit vs. Burbank

Burbank's Victor Goli (left) and Jesuit's Matt Strangio each had the top times in their specialty distance races but both needed plenty of help in the tightest virtual of the tournament. (Credits: Frank Bellino/James Leash)


This article highlights the results of first-round dual as part of the MileSplitCA March Madness Virtual Meet Tournament. Virtual meets are scored based solely on 2020 results using the standard dual meet scoring points format of 5-3-1 for individuals and 5-0 for relays. Athletes are scored in no more than four events. Teams are limited to three athletes per event. Stay with us for the entire tournament to see which boys and girls teams reign supreme in this virtual meet format.

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No. 2 JESUIT (SJ) vs. No. 31 BURBANK (SS)

In the closest dual yet, No. 31 Burbank came about as close as possible to upsetting No. 2 Jesuit, falling short by half a point, 68.33-67.66.

The distance juggernaut led by seniors and State Meet medalists Matt Strangio and Chase Gordon, owe a huge virtual high-five (social distancing rules apply) to senior Cooper Shults, who picked up a HUGE 10 points with top marks in both the discus throw and shot put, and to junior Eitan Goore, who added another 10 big ones for Ws in both the pole vault and 110 hurdles.

Strangio is the defending State Meet champion for 1600m whose 4:12.23 from the Sacramento State HS Track Classic ranks CA No. 1 and U.S. No. 5 for times achieved before the 2020 outdoor season was interrupted. 

The USC-bound Gordon, runner-up at the 2019 CIF-State Meet in the 800, posted a time at Sac State (1:54.80) that ranks CA No. 3 and U.S. No. 14. 

Both of those guys put up five-points for having top times in their events in this dual but neither scored elsewhere. In fact, Shults and Goore are the only two from the meet to claim multiple titles. 

Burbank won the sprints, hurdles and jumps and split the relays. Senors Victor Goli and Dayne Ellis went 1-2 in the 3200. Junior Layne Buck had the top mark in the triple jump and was runner-up in the long jump behind senior teammate Owen Cusumano. Chipping in for Burbank was junior Kaze Gibbs, who was second in the 200, third in the 100 and tied for second in the high jump.

Next: Jesuit will be scored against the first-round winner between No. 15 SOuth Hills (SS) and No. 18 Mission Viejo (SS).

100 Meter Dash

1Khalil Layugan2021Jesuit (SJ)11.30 5
2Sebastian Ottosson2022Burbank High School (SS)11.49 3
3Kaze Gibbs2021Burbank High School (SS)11.53 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Bryan David2020Burbank High School (SS)23.00 5
2Kaze Gibbs2021Burbank High School (SS)23.12 3
3Sebastian Ottosson2022Burbank High School (SS)23.20 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Martin Smith2020Jesuit (SJ)50.01 5
2Aiden Baker2020Jesuit (SJ)50.83 3
3Jack Sapyta2022Burbank High School (SS)51.25 1
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800 Meter Run

1Chase Gordon2020Jesuit (SJ)1:54.80 5
2Mher Matevosyan2021Burbank High School (SS)1:57.22 3
3Tyler Offerman2022Jesuit (SJ)2:04.44 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Matt Strangio2020Jesuit (SJ)4:12.23 5
2Ajani Salcido2021Jesuit (SJ)4:17.06 3
3Spencer Pickren2021Jesuit (SJ)4:17.25 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Victor Goli2020Burbank High School (SS)9:23.70 5
2Dayne Ellis2020Burbank High School (SS)9:27.20 3
3Jacob Swanson2023Jesuit (SJ)9:38.41 1
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110 Meter Hurdles

1Eitan Goore2021Jesuit (SJ)16.11 5
2Nicolas Slaughter2020Burbank High School (SS)16.14 3
3Trenton Dewar2023Jesuit (SJ)16.82 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Jahki Hayes2022Burbank High School (SS)42.61 5
2Alejandro Diaz-infante2021Burbank High School (SS)43.22 3
3Trenton Dewar2023Jesuit (SJ)43.38 1
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4x100 Meter Relay

1Burbank High School (SS)43.94 5

4x400 Meter Relay

1Jesuit (SJ)3:30.49 5

High Jump

1Abiel Pearl2021Burbank High School (SS)5-8 5
2Kai Sebastian2023Burbank High School (SS)5-4 1.333
2Kaze Gibbs2021Burbank High School (SS)5-4 1.333
2Ryan Anderson2022Jesuit (SJ)5-4 1.333
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Long Jump

1Owen Cusumano2021Burbank High School (SS)20-6 5
2Layne Buck2021Burbank High School (SS)20-1 3
3Khalil Layugan2021Jesuit (SJ)19-2.5 1
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Triple Jump

1Layne Buck2021Burbank High School (SS)41-6 5
2Dylan Engel0Jesuit (SJ)34-2 3
3Collin Young2023Jesuit (SJ)33-1 1
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Pole Vault

1Eitan Goore2021Jesuit (SJ)14-0 5
2Ian Menz2021Jesuit (SJ)13-0 3
3Dylan Couden2022Burbank High School (SS)11-9 0.5
3Ethan Lucsik2021Burbank High School (SS)11-9 0.5
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Shot Put

1Cooper Shults2020Jesuit (SJ)49-2.5 5
2Colin Seymour2020Jesuit (SJ)44-6.5 3
3James Smyth2020Burbank High School (SS)42-10 1
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1Cooper Shults2020Jesuit (SJ)151-7 5
2James Smyth2020Burbank High School (SS)148-3 3
3Joshua Jimenez2023Burbank High School (SS)113-8.5 1
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Team Scores

1Jesuit (SJ)68.33
2Burbank High School (SS)67.66