Final 2019 Track Season Wrap-Up: Stats Galore!

With both USATF and AAU Junior Olympics completed, the 2019 outdoor track is completely finished! Let's take a week or so to look through this season, from late February to the start of August, and deconstruct some of the thousands of performances we've seen.

We'll start with updated rankings, because summer track has had a significant impact on them since the state meet in May. Follow the links below to harness the power of the MileSplit database for a deep dive into our track & field stats!

Overall High School Rankings

Girls HS Rankings - Boys HS Rankings

We didn't have any new CA #1 performances during the summer, but the rankings did change in several events as high school athletes competed in the 15-16 or 17-18 age groups.

Summer Track Age Group Rankings

Girls Age Group Rankings - Boys Age Group Rankings

8 & Under Girls - 8 & Under Boys

9-10 Girls - 9-10 Boys

11-12 Girls - 11-12 Boys

13-14 Girls - 13-14 Boys

MileSplit doesn't just follow high school athletes - we also record performances in age group competition all summer. With the right settings, you can browse through the best marks all the way down to the 8 & Under age group.

High School Rankings by Grade Level

Senior Girls - Senior Boys

Junior Girls - Junior Boys

Sophomore Girls - Sophomore Boys

Freshman Girls - Freshman Boys

All Returning Girls - All Returning Boys

High School Returning Team & Individual Rankings

Girls <-- Southern Section --> Boys

Sac Joaquin Section

North Coast Section

Central Section

San Diego Section

Los Angeles City Section

Central Coast Section

Northern Section

Oakland Section

San Francisco Section