Combined Results: Comparing Dublin Distance Fest to APU MOC

Last year, we started an interesting exercise: merging the results of the state's two premier distance meets, the Dublin Distance Fiesta and the APU Meet of Champions (and in 2018 we even threw in a Texas distance meet, for bragging rights). It was such a fun exercise that we decided to run it back this spring!

Before we dig into the top performances, let's just get one possible point of contention settled. Although the Dublin meet is bigger (2700 performances vs. 2100 for APU), we should acknowledge that the distance talent in Southern California is simply deeper. Not just deeper than NorCal, mind you, but deeper than anywhere in the nation. Thus, there are more overall top performances from the Meet of Champions than there are from the Fiesta.

However, that doesn't mean Dublin plays second fiddle! Elite athletes can develop anywhere in the state, and you will see that in some events the Fiesta stacks up quite nicely. We'll go event-by-event and look at the top 10 merged performances, but you can click through to the full lists if you want to examine in more detail. Hope you enjoy!