Friday Night Stats: Virtual Southern Section Masters

Have you tried out our virtual meets yet? They are one of our most useful and interesting tools. With a virtual meet, you can use season best marks to project both individual rankings and team scoring simultaneously. As if that's not enough, the report itself can be customized: you can change the events, change the entry and scoring settings, and remove or add particular athletes. They're fantastic for scouting league, division, and section opponents, and it's fun to experiment with different event combinations to see the effect on team scoring. In addition to the existing groupings, you can also assemble custom lists (so, for example, you could run a virtual meet for your upcoming invitational).

Although virtual meets are a great data tool, they do have some limitations. The reports are very server-intensive, and so there is a limit to the number of teams and performances they can process. For that reason, it takes some effort to assemble a virtual meet for the Southern Section, which has more schools than most states. We've done the grunt work for you, and you can find the results on the following slides. Or, if you prefer to look at a different section, follow the links below!

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