San Francisco Section Virtual Meet: Top teams, individuals

Lowell's girls, have won the team title eight years in a row and 39 times in 40 years dating to 1977, the first year girls competed. That streak is projected to continue.

Girls San Francisco Section Virtual Meet (Full Report)

5000 Meter Run

Girls Team Scores

1Lowell High (SF)202+3+4+5+6 (8+9)47.4020:03.54
2Galileo Academy of Science & Technology (SF)8010+11+14+22+23 (27+34)2:55.0022:34.00
3Washington (George) High (SF)9115+17+18+20+21 (26+30)49.0023:03.51
4Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)10013+16+19+24+28 (39+42)2:22.0023:29.20
5San Francisco International (SFI) (SF)1181+7+31+35+44 (63+73)8:12.7023:31.20