Countdown to XC Day 5: Mira Costa Girls

I have to confess that Mira Costa flew under my radar in 2017. This was a really good team last fall, finishing 8th in Division 1 state meet, only 1 point behind the 6th place team. The Mustangs did that with only one senior in their top 7, so I shouldn't have been surprised when they graded out really well in returning rankings. What's even worse is that I didn't even catch on in track season! Mira Costa didn't have a state-wide star individual in the spring, but they did have outstanding team depth: 10 girls at 5:40 or better, plus 5 who ran 12:00 or faster. In particular, look for Pnina Tofler and Allyson Doyle to move up the depth chart after solid performances on the track, and Anna Graves could be a new addition to the top 7 in the fall, as well. So, Mustangs, I've noticed (even if I'm a little late) and I'm a believer now. Literally every metric I used for this countdown says this will be a VERY good team, capable of making the podium in Division 1 in November.

Team Statistics:

  • 5K Improvement Rating: 14th
  • 3 Mile Improvement Rating: 9th
  • 5K Returning Rankings: 6th
  • 3 Mile Returning Rankings: 5th
  • 3200 Returning Rankings: 12th
  • 1600 Returning Rankings: 13th

The purpose of the Countdown To XC is not to predict the top 30 teams in the state for the upcoming season (although we certainly hope that the top 15-20 teams are included in the countdown at some point). The goal is to recognize thirty teams to watch as cross country begins, using data to uncover squads with strengths that stand out from the pack. The countdown is also not meant to be in a strict order, because it's impossible to sort out several teams of similar strength at this point of the season.