Countdown to XC Day 12: Capistrano Valley Girls

Can a team lose two runners at the level of Haley Herberg and Alyssa Bautista and still be just as good? Probably not - Capo Valley finished 4th in Division 2 behind a 1-4 finish from those two in 2017, and this year's team will be hard-pressed to duplicate those results. However, that doesn't mean the Cougars are going to just disappear! It helps that their two departed senior stars were the only members of the Class of 2018 in their top 7 last fall, and there is some returning depth to help fill in the gaps. Carly Corsinita is ready to step up and be the next Capistrano Valley star after clocking 10:41 and 5:09 on the track, and Hailey Kroger may match her stride for stride - plus Jada Kredo and Shannon Trueman both broke 12 minutes in the spring. I believe the floor for this team is a top 10 finish in Division 2, and with a good summer the Cougars could be back in the top 5.

Team Statistics:

  • 5K Improvement Rating: 20th
  • 3 Mile Improvement Rating: 22nd
  • 5K Returning Rankings: 18th
  • 3 Mile Returning Rankings: 13th
  • 3200 Returning Rankings: 17th

The purpose of the Countdown To XC is not to predict the top 30 teams in the state for the upcoming season (although we certainly hope that the top 15-20 teams are included in the countdown at some point). The goal is to recognize thirty teams to watch as cross country begins, using data to uncover squads with strengths that stand out from the pack. The countdown is also not meant to be in a strict order, because it's impossible to sort out several teams of similar strength at this point of the season.