Boys Section-by-Section Rankings with TEAM SCORES!

As we draw ever closer to championship season, it's time to check in our our predictions for section championships again! We can use the Virtual Meet tool to gather the season bests for every athlete in each section, and then assign team scores as though it were a real meet. In theory, as the season goes on this should get more and more accurate (although it certainly can't account for injuries, or for athletes that choose not to compete in a particular event in their section championship). Virtual meets are great because they have individual and team rankings, plus they can be customized! Subscribers can make their own Virtual Meets at any time, adding and removing specific athletes to simulate different situations that might come up in the championship season.

Use the first link to access event-by-event all-sections rankings, which you can then sort by section, league, class year, and more. The links below will take you to already-customized virtual meets for all 10 sections. Enjoy!

Sortable Boys State Rankings

(You can sort by section, by league, by class year, and more!)

Boys Section-by-Section Virtual Meets with TEAM SCORES

(NOTE: the Southern Section has too many schools for our virtual meet, so it has to be split up)

North Coast Section

Sac Joaquin Section

Central Section

LA City Section

Northern Section

San Diego Section

San Francisco Section

Central Coast Section

Oakland Section

Southern Section