An Imbalance of Power: Southern Section Season Preview

You don't need me to tell you that the Southern Section is going to be filled with super-talented individuals and many of California's (and the nation's) best teams - that's true pretty much every year. As I've been preparing all the season previews, though, I've been particularly struck by a recurring observations: the individual and team talent in the section seems to be unusually concentrated in one division for each gender (and it's not the same division in both cases, either). On the boys' side, I also feel like the section is unusually strong, even by its normal lofty standards. Whether this turns out to be true or not, though, one thing is certain: it will be exciting to watch as the season evolves! Flip through the slides to see my division-by-division breakdown of the country's largest and most competitive region.

Overall Southern Section Returning Rankings

Girls Individual - Boys Individual

Girls Team - Boys Team