Oakland Section Individual & Team Rankings

Caroline Garrett is on track to break 5 minutes this spring, and that makes her very competitive at the state meet level.

This week, we're breaking down the top early performances from each section. We're also scoring these performances like a meet, using our Virtual Meet rankings function, which allows us to find out which teams have had the best start to the young outdoor season. On the next two slides you'll find the results: the top 8 in the section for individual & relay events, plus the top teams right now.

You can create your own Virtual Meets, using existing programmed leagues, sections, and divisions - or create your own by choosing the teams individually. You can adjust the scoring rules, remove wind-aided performances, and make other changes to the format. You can even add in missing athletes, and get the team scores to recalculate! Want to scout your league, or see what team is best in your city or county?

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