Virtual Meet Preview: Seaside Invitational

Great Oak debuts on the flat, fast 3 Mile course in Ventura, along with several other talented programs and individuals.

I have several pieces of good news to report regarding the Seaside Invitational. First and foremost, it looks like the weather will cooperate with a high of 70 and patchy fog Friday - so no repeat of last year's extreme heat that caused the cancellation of some races! Second, the talent on display in Ventura on Friday night will be excellent, and the chances are very good that we will see some 3 Mile times to rival last weekend's Cool Breeze and Great Cow Run performances.  Finally, with this race and a few others at the same distance around the state, we should be able to generate some VERY interesting rankings Sunday and Monday that will give us a much better picture of which teams and individuals are in the best shape at the start of the season.

In the meantime, we can use last year's times to explore the talent in the 2016 Seaside Invitational. Enjoy!

Boys Virtual Meet using 2015 3 Mile Times (Full Rankings)

1Gavin Korby10Great Oak High School (SS)14:57.201
2Solomon Fountain11Great Oak High School (SS)14:57.902
3Bjorn Slattum11Thousand Oaks High School (SS)15:04.003
4Hunter Clark11Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)15:05.404
5Justin Eipp11Great Oak High School (SS)15:07.705
6Leonardo Oliva10Highland High School (SS)15:08.206
7Ben Hamer10Palisades Charter High (LA)15:08.387
8Carlos Carvajal10Great Oak High School (SS)15:12.908
9Trent Robinett11Oaks Christian High (SS)15:14.709
10Jacob Korgan10Great Oak High School (SS)15:14.8010
11Jj Zaragoza11St. Bonaventure (SS)15:16.0011
12Jakob Pollack11Palisades Charter High (LA)15:16.4312
13Brent Smith9Palisades Charter High (LA)15:18.4013
14Herschel Smith11Highland High School (SS)15:22.0014
15Cade Ruble10Quartz Hill High (SS)15:26.1015
16Sam Dennis11Agoura High School (SS)15:27.7016
17Jonathan Lee11Agoura High School (SS)15:31.3017
18Shane Hixon10Highland High School (SS)15:32.2018
19Britain Reynolds10Valencia (SS)15:34.5019
20Brett Beattie10Buena High School (SS)15:35.0020
21Joshua Mcgregor10Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)15:37.0021
22Juan Martinez11Hueneme High School (SS)15:37.5022
23Spencer Makar11Valencia (SS)15:39.3023
24Melacio Gozalez10McFarland High School (CS)15:42.2024
25Ricardo Torres10Channel Islands High School (SS)15:43.2725
1Great Oak High School (SS)26125810--
2Highland High School (SS)94614182729--
3Palisades Charter High (LA)138712134957--
4Hueneme High School (SS)1772235363945--
5Agoura High School (SS)1991617475267--
6McFarland High School (CS)2012432405154--
7Quartz Hill High (SS)2021528335868--
8Oaks Christian High (SS)234938436678--
9Harvard Westlake (SS)2493037415586--
10Buena High School (SS)2592034535696--

Girls Virtual Meet using 2015 3 Mile Times (Full Rankings)

1Evelyn Mandel11Great Oak High School (SS)16:54.601
2Devianna Salcedo9McFarland High School (CS)17:05.602
3Sandra Pflughoft10Great Oak High School (SS)17:05.703
4Sydney Belus11Great Oak High School (SS)17:08.304
5Kiyena Beatty11Great Oak High School (SS)17:20.705
6Valerie Almanza11Channel Islands High School (SS)17:22.606
7Nicole Rice11Great Oak High School (SS)17:23.707
8Christina Rice11Dos Pueblos Senior High (SS)17:35.608
9Emily Beneduce11Oak Park High (SS)17:45.109
10Michelle Mcintosh11Great Oak High School (SS)17:45.5010
11Nevaeh Walla9Moorpark High (SS)17:52.3011
12Maya Ambroziak11Great Oak High School (SS)17:53.4012
13Bailey Deluca11Thousand Oaks High School (SS)17:55.3013
14Kelsey Ruiz10Quartz Hill High (SS)17:57.5014
15Janiah Brown9Calabasas High School (SS)17:57.5815
16Hannah Lyon11Great Oak High School (SS)17:59.90--
17Sophia Pearson10Hart (William S.) Senior High (SS)18:01.3016
18Kyleigh Macy10Great Oak High School (SS)18:05.00--
19Sarah Lyon9Great Oak High School (SS)18:05.30--
20Samhal Asfaw9Thousand Oaks High School (SS)18:06.4017
21Abby Blackwood11Malibu High School (SS)18:06.9018
22Claudia Lane9Malibu High School (SS)18:07.6019
23Anely Avila11Hart (William S.) Senior High (SS)18:09.4020
24Cassidy Hylton11Great Oak High School (SS)18:11.00--
25Sylvia Cruz-albrecht9Oak Park High (SS)18:12.5621
1Great Oak High School (SS)2013457--
2Hart (William S.) Senior High (SS)1221620262931--
3Quartz Hill High (SS)2171425516067--
4Oak Park High (SS)220921236899--
5Palisades Charter High (LA)2524346495559--
6McFarland High School (CS)254234627581--
7Buena High School (SS)2582845525380--
8Thousand Oaks High School (SS)26113174278111--
9Harvard Westlake (SS)2802430737479--
10Royal High School (SS)2803544547077--