Week 1 of Cross Country is Gonna Be HUGE!

The preseason is over.  We've finished our 2nd annual Countdown to XC.  Teams all over the state will toe the line this weekend in the first major wave of regular season races.  We're ready for Week 1 of the 2016 cross country season, and we're going to make it HUGE!  Check out what we have planned for this week:

ALL WEEK: What's the Best CA XC Program of the Last 30 Years?

Check out our list of the best boys' and girls' programs since the state meet began in 1987. You will have the opportunity to VOTE in a four-round, bracket-style, single-elimination tournament to determine the best program in California history (at least, during the state meet era).  On Saturday we will publish the results of the public voting, and we'll also post our staff's views on the subject.

  • Monday: Introduce the teams
  • Tuesday: First round voting
  • Wednesday: Quarterfinal voting
  • Thursday: Semifinal voting
  • Friday: Final voting

Monday: Saucony Flo 50 Individual Girls Preseason Rankings

Tuesday: Saucony Flo 50 Individual Boys Preseason Rankings

Wednesday: Improvement Ratings - Which Teams Gain the Most from Year to Year?

Thursday: Previews of Weekend 1 Begin

Friday: Detailed Previews of Featured Meets

Saturday: On-Site Coverage

  • Cool Breeze Invitational: photos and videos
  • Lagoon Valley Classic: videos

Join us all week for a celebration of the start of the best sport season in high school athletics!  Cross Country is back, and we're ready.