Southern Section Contenders for the 2016 CIF State Meet

If you can make it to Clovis from the Southern Section, you're among the absolute elite nationwide - only 6 athletes advance from the country's largest region.

This past week, we began our build-up for the upcoming spring track season by looking at state meet contenders in the Southern Section: the favorites, the threats, and the wild cards. Only 6 athletes can advance to the state meet in each event from a region that includes over 500 schools, and that makes for intense competition.  The section is also graced with some overall state title contenders, including one that is so dominant that he may not have any true challengers.  See our picks for the preseason contenders for those coveted spots in the CIF state meet below, and let us know if you think we missed anyone!

Distance Contenders

Sprints & Hurdles Contenders

Field Events Contenders