Who will be on the MileSplitCA All-State Team? Eight Boys To Watch

At the end of the fall season, MileSplitCA will honor 8 girls and 8 boys with All-State recognition. Periodically throughout the season, we will post "watch lists" of the most likely candidates, starting with the athletes who have the strongest resume coming into the season. As is always the case, some runners will surprise us with stronger-than-expected performances, and others may fall by the wayside due to injury or illness. Thus, the watch list will evolve over the course of the fall, and no doubt we will end up with more than 8 good candidates before all is said and done.

There are DEFINITELY some other candidates to be All-State - the ones listed here are not meant to be an exclusive list! We'll catch more of the returning candidates in a few weeks, once we've gone through some other individual rankings.