Meet Information

Don Green Memorial Track Meet
Don Green Distance Carnival
March 2nd & 3rd, 2018

We will be hosting a Distance Carnival on Friday Night
See attached Schedule

Entry Information: We need each school to provide a roster with all athletes names, grade and gender on Hy-Tek Team Manager. We will provide labels to each school the Friday Night or Saturday Morning. We will provide results for all events via email at the end to the meet. Please email roster

Each runner needs a name tag with name, school, and grade on it. You can also write athletes number on their hand so they have it for check in at each event.

Medals will be awarded to the top 5 in each event, top 3 in Relays.

Each team will receive two Medals for outstanding Male and Female Athletes for their school. Each school will make their own choice.

Check Stadium Map for bus parking and event location. All buses need to park on the visiting side of the stadium in the parking lot.

100/110 Hurdle Height: F/S Boys 36 Jr/Sr Boys 39 F/S Girls 30 Jr/Sr Girls 33

Spike Size: 3/16 pyramid

Field Event Information

All field Event Athletes need to check in at locations listed below for flight assignments. 8:00A.M. to 8:45A.M.. Flights will be assigned at this time. 3 attempts

Check in locations:
All Field Events will check in at Event.

Approximate event times

Shot Put 2 rings Discus 2 rings
Frosh/Soph Boys 9:00A.M. Frosh/Soph Girls 9:00A.M.
Jr/Sr Boys 11:00 A.M. Jr/Sr Girls 11:00 A.M.
Frosh/Soph Girls 1:00 P.M. Frosh/Soph Boys 1:00 P.M.
Jr/Sr Girls 2:00 P.M. Jr/Sr Boys 2:00 P.M.
Long Jump Triple Jump
Jr/Sr Boys and Girls 9:00A.M. Jr/Sr Boys and Girls 1:00P.M.
Fr/Soph Boys and Girls 11:00A.M. Fr/Soph Boys and Girls 1:00P.M.

High Jump 2 pits
Jr/Sr Boys and Girls 9:00AM
Frosh/Soph Boys and Girls 12:00 Noon
Opening Hts. Boys F/S 44 Boys Var. 5, Girls F/S 38, Girls Var. 42

Pole Vault 2 pits
The bar will be raised in inone footincrements for the first two heights and in 6 inch increments thereafter. Please remember to bring the CIF weight & pole documentation form. The forms must be presented to the event official before the athlete is allowed to warm up or compete.
If you need to check out, we will have to count the missed attempts as passes and the bar will not be lowered upon your return. In addition will are going to strictly adhere to the 2 minute rule.

Frosh/Soph Boys9:00AM. Standards will be set at 22 until 9 Opening Height 7Score Board
Frosh/Soph Girls 11:00 A.M. Standards will be set at 22 until 7 Opening Height 5Score Board
Jr/Sr Girls 9:00 P.M. Standards will be set at 22 until 8 Opening Height 6 Stadium
Jr/Sr Boys 11:00P.M. Standards will be set at 22 until 10 Opening Height 9Stadium

Awards: Medals are awarded to the top 5 performances per division/event. Each School will also receive two medals for athlete of the meet; these will be your choice.

Admission Prices (Please ask your athletes to pass on info to parents)
Adult/Students $7.00
Children 5-13 $ 5.00
Children 4 and under free

Meet Director:
Rob Dearborn
School 805-378-6305 Ext 6323
Fax 805-530-3880

Coaches meeting at 8:00am sharp in the Behind Finish Line Tent