San Francisco Returning Team & Individual Rankings

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100 Meter Dash

1Kathleen Mai2019Lowell High (SF)12.99 10
2Emily Lim2019Lowell High (SF)13.13 8
3Kamiah Brown2019Wallenberg (Raoul) Traditional High (SF)13.17 6
4Ruby Parish2019Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)13.23 5
5Isabel Miner2019Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)13.41 4
6Janelle Lo2020Lowell High (SF)13.58 3
7Lana Nguyen2021Washington (George) High (SF)13.66 2
8Maxine Boyd2019Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)13.69 1
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200 Meter Dash

1Emily Lim2019Lowell High (SF)26.98 10
2Kathleen Mai2019Lowell High (SF)27.20 8
3Kiara Neely2020Washington (George) High (SF)27.52 6
4Isabel Miner2019Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)27.62 5
5Janelle Lo2020Lowell High (SF)27.85 4
6Ruby Parish2019Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)27.94 3
7Maxine Boyd2019Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)28.24 2
8Morgaen York2021Academy of Arts & Sciences (SF)28.47 1
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400 Meter Dash

1Kiara Neely2020Washington (George) High (SF)1:04.19 10
2Sophia Ladyzhensky2021Lowell High (SF)1:04.54 8
3Leela Wong2020Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)1:04.96 6
4Amy Sullivan2021Lowell High (SF)1:04.98 5
5Brianna Grissom2021Lowell High (SF)1:06.07 4
6Elizabeth Browning2021Burton (Phillip & Sala) Academic High (SF)1:06.11 3
7Emma Surnow2021San Francisco International (SFI) (SF)1:07.35 2
8Moriah Chiang2019Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)1:08.11 1
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800 Meter Run

1Sophia Ladyzhensky2021Lowell High (SF)2:29.80 10
2Michelle Wong2020Lowell High (SF)2:31.90 8
3Paloma Suarez-davila2021Lowell High (SF)2:32.60 6
4Eloise Toner2020San Francisco International (SFI) (SF)2:38.26 5
5Robin Fong2020Washington (George) High (SF)2:40.60 4
6Elen Zhu2020Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)2:42.60 3
7Margo Marvez2020Washington (George) High (SF)2:45.80 2
8Satine Cumming2021San Francisco International (SFI) (SF)2:48.45 1
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1600 Meter Run

1Emi Steedman2020Lowell High (SF)5:41.32 10
2Eloise Toner2020San Francisco International (SFI) (SF)5:44.50 8
3Robin Fong2020Washington (George) High (SF)5:44.70 6
4Claire Low2021Lowell High (SF)5:45.20 5
5Julian Chen2021Lowell High (SF)5:46.30 4
6Hailey BUCHHOLZ2019Balboa High (SF)5:50.06 3
7Satine Cumming2021San Francisco International (SFI) (SF)5:57.73 2
8Elen Zhu2020Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)6:05.45 1
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3200 Meter Run

1Charlotte Greenhill2019Lowell High (SF)12:19.70 10
2Emi Steedman2020Lowell High (SF)12:20.10 8
3Paloma Suarez-davila2021Lowell High (SF)12:35.80 6
4Hailey BUCHHOLZ2019Balboa High (SF)12:37.56 5
5Eloise Toner2020San Francisco International (SFI) (SF)12:58.48 4
6Robin Fong2020Washington (George) High (SF)13:25.20 3
7Elen Zhu2020Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)13:49.11 2
8Kalina Luipaton2021San Francisco International (SFI) (SF)14:25.34 1
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300 Meter Hurdles

1Zinnia Finn2019Lowell High (SF)50.03 10
2Moriah Chiang2019Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)50.87 8
3Laila Boston2020Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)51.85 6
4Clare Delucchi2019Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)52.01 5
5Jennifer Hui2019Lowell High (SF)54.01 4
6Esther Chung2019Lowell High (SF)54.48 3
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Long Jump

1Dana Liu2019Galileo Academy of Science & Technology (SF)15-8 10
2Leanna Lam2019Wallenberg (Raoul) Traditional High (SF)15-0.5 8
3Alanna Lee2019Galileo Academy of Science & Technology (SF)14-7 6
4Allison Jou2020Lowell High (SF)14-5.5 4.5
4Kathleen Mai2019Lowell High (SF)14-5.5 4.5
6Cynthia Carion2020Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)14-5 2.5
6Qiaoying Chen2021San Francisco International (SFI) (SF)14-5 2.5
8Olivia Chao2020Lowell High (SF)14-4 1
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High Jump

1Helen Vuong2019Galileo Academy of Science & Technology (SF)4-8 8
1Isabel Miner2019Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)4-8 8
1Maxine Boyd2019Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)4-8 8
4Kyra Powell2019Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)4-6 4.5
4Madeleine Larson2021Lowell High (SF)4-6 4.5
6Marine Yamaguchi2020Washington (George) High (SF)4-4 3
7Leanna Lam2019Wallenberg (Raoul) Traditional High (SF)4-2 2
8Sofia Richetti2020Washington (George) High (SF)4-0 1
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Triple Jump

1Alanna Lee2019Galileo Academy of Science & Technology (SF)33-10.75 10
2Shanai Simmons2020Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)31-11 8
3Olivia Chao2020Lowell High (SF)31-5 6
4Dana Liu2019Galileo Academy of Science & Technology (SF)31-0 5
5Allison Jou2020Lowell High (SF)30-10 4
6Cynthia Carion2020Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)30-9 3
7Aina Wong2019Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)29-7 2
8Ivy Tram2021Lowell High (SF)28-10.5 1
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Pole Vault

1Elen Zhu2020Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)8-6 8
1Isabelle Sam2020Lowell High (SF)8-6 8
1Jennifer Hui2019Lowell High (SF)8-6 8
4Clare Delucchi2019Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)8-0 4.5
4Moriah Chiang2019Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)8-0 4.5
6Aliyah Mccoy2021Lowell High (SF)7-6 3
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Shot Put

1Lisa Stangel2020Washington (George) High (SF)27-9 10
2Mikayla Scott2019Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)27-6 8
3Ella Hou2021Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)26-8 6
4Jael Bryant2020Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)25-8 5
5Mary Fiona Collier2020San Francisco International (SFI) (SF)25-4 4
6Mandy Lin2019Lowell High (SF)25-3 3
7Alexandra Singer2020Lowell High (SF)22-3 2
8Sarah Huang2019Balboa High (SF)21-8 1
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1Mikayla Scott2019Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)103-11 10
2Lisa Stangel2020Washington (George) High (SF)86-2 8
3Mandy Lin2019Lowell High (SF)83-3 6
4Carissa Ng2019Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)80-1 5
5Ella Hou2021Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)77-6.5 4
6Serena Young2021Lowell High (SF)60-5 3
7Katelyn Loi2021Wallenberg (Raoul) Traditional High (SF)56-9 2
8Chloe Rimer2020Lowell High (SF)55-6 1

Team Scores

1Lowell High (SF)203.5
2Lincoln (Abraham) High (SF)143
3Washington (George) High (SF)55
4Galileo Academy of Science & Technology (SF)39
5San Francisco International (SFI) (SF)29.5
6Wallenberg (Raoul) Traditional High (SF)18
7Balboa High (SF)9
8Burton (Phillip & Sala) Academic High (SF)3
9Academy of Arts & Sciences (SF)1