MASSIVE Section Finals Results Merge!

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Do Caleb Foster and his Clovis North teammates have enough firepower to hold off Murrieta Mesa for the team title?

Section finals can be overwhelming - so much data, so many top performances, and it's hard to put them in context for fair comparison. That's one of the many reasons why we developed our Virtual Meet function: it allows us to combine multiple meets together, giving both individual rankings and team scores! Now that we have all the section meets in the database, we've prepared four different "slices" of the data to help you absorb all the information. A lot can change between now and the end of Saturday's meet, but these reports should identify the contenders for each event as well as overall:

  • First two slides: All NorCal Sections Together
  • Slides 3 & 4: All SoCal Sections Together
  • Slides 5 & 6: This Week's Top Teams (SDS + SS + LAC + CCS + NCS + SJS)
  • Slides 7 & 8: Top Contenders Outside the Southern Section (SDS + LAC + Central + CCS + NCS + SJS)

NOTE: as it currently stands, our Virtual Meet tool can only merge 6 previous meets at a time, so we can't merge all 10 section finals into one Mega-Virtual (sad pandas).