LA City Preview: Division 3 Girls

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LA City Section Preview

Division 3 Girls

Isabella Sanchez, a sophomore at Lincoln, has the top-ranked three-mile time among Division 3 girls posted in the MileSplit database. Sanchez heads into Wednesday's LAC divisional prelims at Pierce College in Woodland Hills with a time 47 seconds faster than that of teammate Adela Torres, a freshman. 

Kate Cheslick, a sophomore at LA Center for Enriched Studies, who was second in the section final last season, ranks third heading into championship season.

Team Competition

LAC Division 3 Girls

Fulton College Prep is the defending section champion. Fulton's title defense will be challenged by both Lincoln and Belmont. 

Three Mile Run

1Lincoln (Abraham) Senior High (LA) (CA)21
1) Isabella Sanchez20:03.101
2) Adela Torres20:50.102
3) Monica Camacho22:25.604
4) Vanessa Chavez22:59.006
5) Claudia Meregildo23:15.208
Average Time: 21:54.60 Total Time: 1:49:33.00 1-5 Split: 3:12.10
6) Lindsay Butler23:56.0012
7) Vannesa Chavez24:20.5514
2Belmont Senior High (LA) (CA)34
1) Guadalupe Hernandez22:20.023
2) Roxana Gonzalez22:48.805
3) Ashley Herrera23:09.397
4) Sherlyn Munoz23:21.459
5) Fabiola Gonzalez23:30.2110
Average Time: 23:01.97 Total Time: 1:55:09.87 1-5 Split: 1:10.19
6) Andrea Utuy24:44.0815
7) Daniela Romero25:12.0818
3Valley Academy of Arts & Sciences (LA) (CA)76
1) Belisia Corlew23:55.3211
2) Rose Boonpitanon24:06.7813
3) Cynthia Rodas24:47.2616
4) Stephanie Becerra25:07.8817
5) Simran Sangha25:36.1319
Average Time: 24:42.67 Total Time: 2:03:33.37 1-5 Split: 1:40.81
6) Jocelyn Godoy27:09.3620