LA City Preview: Division 1 Girls

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LA City Section Prelims

D1 Girls

There may not have been a younger division in the state last season, with only one senior among the top 20 finishers at the section final last year.

Lila Copeland, last year's division champion as a freshman, is now at Redondo.

Jicel Fernandez-Ramirez, a junior from El Camino Real, is the projected favorite this year with a chance to establish that on the course at Wednesday's prelims at Pierce College in Woodland Hills.

Fernandez-Ramirez was fourth last year but has the fastest three-mile time coming in, 10-plus seconds faster than sophomore Sarah Bentley of Palisades Charter.  Bentley was eighth in the final last year. 

Kimia Samandi, a senior at Palisades Charter, was second last year as a junior nearly 18 seconds behind Copeland. She ranks ninth coming into championship season.

Team Competition

Girls Division 1

Palisades has won the team title four years running and fifth is just a matter of time. Palisades posted 28 points in last year's final, with Granada Hills a distant second with 82. Here's a virtual meet projection of this year's LAC Section final from the MileSplit database.

Three Mile Run

1Palisades Charter High (LA) (CA)45
1) Sarah Bentley17:31.502
2) Miranda Schriver17:48.303
3) Kimia Samandi18:55.249
4) Brittany Darrow19:02.7011
5) Smith Skylar19:32.2620
Average Time: 18:34.00 Total Time: 1:32:50.00 1-5 Split: 2:00.76
6) Jessca Bierschenk19:33.8021
7) Elisa Kim19:36.4024
2Granada Hills Charter High (LA) (CA)74
1) Lauren Delgado18:17.904
2) Tanya Larbaoui18:18.905
3) Sydney Olofe19:25.4017
4) Estefania De Los Santos19:35.0023
5) Maya Martinez19:38.8025
Average Time: 19:03.20 Total Time: 1:35:16.00 1-5 Split: 1:20.90
6) Crystal Earl19:41.2026
7) Kinnari Parikh19:57.0031
3San Pedro Senior High (LA) (CA)87
1) Riley Cameron18:49.008
2) Perla Aguilar18:56.3010
3) Grace Cameron19:03.8013
4) Maya Richardson19:13.2016
5) Chloe Deleon20:26.5040
Average Time: 19:17.76 Total Time: 1:36:28.80 1-5 Split: 1:37.50
6) Kiona Campbell20:39.4044
7) Angelica Fajardo20:45.7045
4El Camino Real Senior High (LA) (CA)148
1) Jicel Fernandez-ramirez17:21.201
2) Caroline Bates18:44.206
3) Lacie Dances20:26.9041
4) Jannika Reyes21:00.5049
5) Rosie Zavala-Sanchez21:10.7051
Average Time: 19:44.70 Total Time: 1:38:43.50 1-5 Split: 3:49.50
6) Veronique Reinert21:11.1053
7) Valerie Chan21:36.0062
5Hamilton Senior High (LA) (CA)157
1) Alexia Delgadillo18:44.407
2) Nuvia Cervantes19:47.8028
3) Katia Valente20:08.9935
4) Ayana Fields20:17.1137
5) Merel Timmermans21:06.8050
Average Time: 20:01.02 Total Time: 1:40:05.10 1-5 Split: 2:22.40
6) Jacqueline Vasquez22:32.4774
7) Zyanya Figueroa23:08.7484