LA City Preview: Division 1 Boys

LA City Section Prelims

D1 Boys

Defending LAC Section champion Justin Hazell, a senior at El Camino Real, is a runaway favorite to repeat as champion. Hazell is not only the only sub-14 runner among the best the top division in LAC has to offer, he's the only sub-15 runner in this field.

Wednesday's prelims at Pierce College in Woodland Hills shouldn't be more than an easy training run for Hazell with much bigger goals in mind for the coming weeks. The LAC final is Nov. 18, also at Pierce College, with State and Foot Locker West to follow on consecutive Saturdays into December. Getting to Foot Locker Nationals on Dec. 9 in San Diego figures to be Hazell's ultimate target. 

Brent Smith, a junior from Palisades Charter, was fifth at the section final last year. He ranks second here but will need to contend with Marvin Guardado, a junior from Birmingham Community Charter, and Christopher Hernandez, a senior from Garfield, if he is to earn best-of-the-rest position behind Hazell.

Bruno Armon-Franceschi, a junior at Marshall Senior, was seventh at LAC finals last year and is the only other top-10 returner ranked as high here. Armon-Franceschi ranks fifth coming into this week's prelims.

Three Mile Run

Boys D1 Team Competition

El Camino Real, behind Hazell, is the overwhelming favorite to repeat. ECR had 59 points in last year's D1 section final, with Granada Hills second with 82 and Palisades Charter third. 

The virtual meet in advance of the prelims ranks ECR (41 points), Marshall Senior (81) and Granada Hills (98) 1-2-3. Note ECR's dominance up front, with its first five coming in 1-7-8-11-14.

Three Mile Run

1El Camino Real Senior High (LA) (CA)41
1) Justin Hazell13:59.501
2) Ethan Samuels15:27.007
3) Giancarlo Puccia15:28.308
4) Anthony Khasho15:32.2011
5) Jose Torres15:36.4014
Average Time: 15:12.68 Total Time: 1:16:03.40 1-5 Split: 1:36.90
6) Sebastian Ayala15:51.8018
7) Alejandro Fernande16:02.4023
2Marshall (John) Senior High (LA) (CA)81
1) Bruno Amon-frances15:19.835
2) Elias Cannesson15:32.2010
3) Amonā€franceschi15:43.0015
4) Eddy Alonzo-avila16:04.6025
5) Javier Castro16:07.2026
Average Time: 15:45.37 Total Time: 1:18:46.83 1-5 Split: 47.37
6) Clark Renolds16:17.2137
7) Joseph Rodriguez16:29.2047
3Granada Hills Charter High (LA) (CA)98
1) Matthew Rios15:26.106
2) Sean Larbaoui15:30.209
3) Hayden Daly15:51.1017
4) Diego Corona16:11.4030
5) Cai Duran16:16.4036
Average Time: 15:51.04 Total Time: 1:19:15.20 1-5 Split: 50.30
6) Arturo Goche16:17.7038
7) Oscar Silva16:28.6045
4Garfield (James A.) Senior High (LA) (CA)105
1) Christopher Hernandez15:11.104
2) David Reyes15:35.5013
3) Michael Mccarthy16:03.1024
4) Denis Escobar16:13.5031
5) Daniel Casas16:14.7033
Average Time: 15:51.58 Total Time: 1:19:17.90 1-5 Split: 1:03.60
6) Michael S Mccarthy16:16.2735
7) Denis A Escobar16:18.4241
5Palisades Charter High (LA) (CA)119
1) Brent Smith15:07.802
2) Ryan Breitman16:00.7021
3) Lucas Schriver16:01.6822
4) Alec Stewart16:16.0034
5) Mason Cadden16:17.9640
Average Time: 15:56.83 Total Time: 1:19:44.14 1-5 Split: 1:10.16
6) Ben Hamer16:40.2456
7) Ethan Massaji16:41.0057