LA City Section Rankings by Division

As the championship season approaches, we always like to give the MIleSplit database a chance to try to predict the outcome of every division race in every section, using season results to this point as the basis. We know it's not perfect, but it does start the conversation (and looking at the data helps us get focused on the teams and individuals to watch), so we find it interesting. We hope you will, too!

Teams in the LA City Section will be completing league championships this week, and their section prelims start next Thursday. That makes this the perfect time to take a sneak peak at how the different divisions might break down over the upcoming two weeks, resulting in the section's state meet qualifiers being chosen on the 18th. This is a section that usually has a few dominant teams or individuals, but a few of the divisional races are going to be super competitive!

Follow the links below to see what the database has to say about each division at the upcoming Los Angeles prelims and finals, and look for our predictions of the other sections as they go up all week!

Los Angeles Division 1: Boys - Girls

Los Angeles Division 2: Boys - Girls

Los Angeles Division 3: Boys - Girls

Los Angeles Division 5: Boys - Girls