Northern Section Rankings By Division

As the championship season approaches, we always like to give the MIleSplit database a chance to try to predict the outcome of every division race in every section, using season results to this point as the basis. We know it's not perfect, but it does start the conversation (and looking at the data helps us get focused on the teams and individuals to watch), so we find it interesting. We hope you will, too!

Although the Northern Section finals aren't until next week, they are the second section to begin their state qualifying process. That means they come second in our series of section finals projections this week! I think the Northern Section often gets overlooked, especially team-wise, but this can be an extremely competitive  section meet (especially among Division 5 where most of the section's teams reside, but only one school can advance).

Follow the links below to see what the database has to say about each division at the upcoming Northern Section finals, and look for our predictions of the other sections as they go up all week!

Northern Section Division 3: Boys - Girls

Northern Section Division 4: Boys - Girls

Northern Section Division 5: Boys - Girls