Which Top CA Runners Have Improved the Most from 2016?

Although it's still early in the 2017 cross country season, there are several elite runners that have already impressed me with their improvement from last fall. That was the motivation for this article: looking at the top 500 girls and boys in California right now (using 3 Mile times), who has improved the most over their 2016 season best? I also ran reports comparing the times from two of our featured meets this past weekend to times from the same meets last year (Earlybird was cancelled last year, so I couldn't use that meet, unfortunately).

Overall Year-to-Year Improvement: Top 500 Girls - Top 500 Boys

Year-to-Year Improvement at Woodbridge: Top 200 Girls - Top 200 Boys

Year-to-Year Improvement at Mt. Carmel: Top 200 Girls - Top 200 Boys