Girls #CountdownToXC Day 12: Arcadia

When you talk about a team that finished 3rd in the Southern Section Division 1 race and 4th at the state meet, and you say that things didn't quite come together 100% for them, those two phrases don't seem to go together. And yet, that's the truth for Arcadia, who had an outstanding 2016 season but were held back just a bit by injury, preventing them from taking a podium spot. The Apaches had 4 seniors in their top 7 last fall, which presents a serious challenge. This team is deep, though, and has a very strong recent history of year-to-year improvement. There's also encouraging news from track season: whereas Arcadia's returning cross country times show a gap between their #3 and #4, the Apaches looked 4 deep in the spring, with Natalie Stephanian taking a big step forward. If summer training can bring their #5 - #7 runners closer to that front pack, this team can be in the top 5 of Division 1 again.

2017 Returning Stats:

  • 5K Ranking: 5th
  • 3-Year 5K Improvement Rating: 13th
  • 3 Mile Ranking: 9th
  • 3-Year 3M Improvement Rating: 11th
  • 5-Year 3M Improvement Rating: 21st