Boys #CountdownToXC Day 24: Mt. Carmel

To be honest, I think this will turn out to be too low a ranking for Mt. Carmel, once we look at the data from the perspective of a completed 2017 season. The Sundevils finished 7th in Division 2 last season and they have 6 of those runners back, including a rising class of at least 5 seniors to provide leadership. Two things keep this team out of the top 20 for now: there are more Southern Section boys teams with super-fast returning times than usual, and Mt. Carmel doesn't have any eye-catching team times from track season to help bolster their stats. They do have one big advantage in Samuel Boone, who is the top returner in the division and 10th-best returner state-wide. I suspect that this team will be better than the current stats indicate, and perhaps a LOT better - I wouldn't be surprised to see the Sundevils on the podium after this year's D2 race.

2017 Returning Stats:

  • 5K Ranking: 23rd
  • 3-Year 5K Improvement Rating: 17th
  • 5-Year 5K Improvement Rating: 19th