Interview with Vista Murrieta senior, Javelin Guidry

California high school Track and Field fans should quickly learn the name Javelin Guidry. On Saturday, February 25th, Guidry made his CA debut at the Saddle-Up Invitational on his Vista Murrieta home track in the 100 meters. He established a new CA #1 time in the event with a time of 10.54. The sprinter who finished 2nd behind Guidry, Asani Hampton of Yucaipa, has since taken over the #1 time with a 10.44 at a recent dual meet. Guidry is also an accomplished Football player and will be attending the University of Utah in the fall. He spent his first three high school seasons in Texas and was the 5A state champion last year in the 100 meters with an impressive 10.41 personal best. He will be one of the leading contenders in the same event this year at the California State Meet and may add another event to his arsenal.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Guidry by phone. Here is the result of our conversation.

1) You ran 10.54 in your season debut. What were your expectations before the race and how did you feel about the result?
Coach Coley Candaele told me not to worry about the time and just to compete for the win. I was very happy with my time as I have never run that fast this early in the season.

2) Where will your next race be and what events are you planning on competing in this season?
The next big race for me will be the Arcadia Invitational. Our next meets are mostly low key invitationals and dual meets.

3) You were Texas 5A 100m champion last year in a personal record 10.41. For those people out there not familiar with Texas high school track and field, can you tell us how they divide the state meet and what sized schools compete in 5A? 
Texas has 6 different sections (1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A and 6A) with 6A being the largest. I was confident about winning and ended up running by lifetime best time to win the final.

4) Texas is well known for it's high school football. What were your some of your highlights and proudest achievements from your football experience in Texas?
I played in two Texas state championships. In 2014, my school Cedar Park lost to Ennis 38-35. In 2015, we beat Frisco Lone Star 22-6 to win the 5A Division II championship. During my time playing Texas football, I had the opportunity of playing at University of Texas as well as Cowboy Stadium (Jerry Dome!).

5) What was your first Track and Field experience and what led you to competing in the sport?
I started competing in Track and Field at the age of 7. I was in California at the time at eventually competed for the Long Beach Sprinters Club. We worked really hard and remember doing workouts like 600, 500, 400 and 4 x 800. The coaches made me earn being able to run the short events and it was like a gift to be able to compete in the 100 and 400 relay.

6) How did you end up in Texas and then back to California this school year?
I grew up in Long Beach and my family moved to Texas before my 9th grade year in order for my mom to attend medical school at Texas A & M. We moved back to California before my senior year with my mom now working at the Loma Linda Medical Center.

7) What colleges were in the mix for you and how did you end up choosing the University of Utah? Are you just planning on doing Football or will Track be a possibility as well?
Aside from the University of Utah, I also considered the University of Texas, Arizona St. and San Diego St. I felt the University of Utah was the best fit for me and I plan on just playing Football there. In high school, I have played defensive back as well as offensive positions and I will play primarily on defense in college.

8) Vista Murrieta won the last two California team championships. How has the team welcomed you and what are the biggest similarities and differences with your Cedar Park team last year?
Being in Texas during my high school years, I had never heard of Vista Murrieta. When I found out that we were moving back to California, I did a little research on them and found out about their success the last few seasons. I have been very welcomed by the school community and my football and track teammates.

9) Who are the coaches that have had the biggest impact on you and what have you learned from them?
I have had many coaches throughout my years in sports including Coach Chucky and Coach Unc in my youth. Coach Candaele is my current coach at Vista Murrieta. With all those coaches in mind, the person that has had the biggest impact on me is my dad. He has pushed me the most and helped me with my progress in football. He played defensive back at UCLA. 

10) What is your favorite Track and Field meet and what is your favorite event?
My favorite event is the Texas state meet which is held at the University of Texas. My favorite event is the 100 meters. 

11) What are your goals for the rest of your season for yourself and your team?
My goal for this season is to continue to get faster. I want to beat my 100 meter time from last year (10.41). I have competed in the 100 and 400 relay in the past and am currently working on being able to run the 200 at some point this season.

12) How has Track and Field helped you as a future college Football player?
Track has helped me get faster which is a critical factor in Football. It has also enabled me to stay in shape during the spring. Track has also helped with communication. Track meets can by quite lengthy with a lot of down time and you get to have a lot of interesting conversations with your teammates.

Thank you very much for your time Javelin! AJC